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Has anyone tried Chama Grill in N Andover Ma. yet?

How does it compare to other Brazilian Steakhouses in the area. Or the Fresh pasta ?


Who makes the best PuPu platter in all the land?

As a fellow egg roll junkie, I find none match that of Hawiian Island in Plaistow NH. really. Chopped and diced ,not the long red cabbage that is so popular now. Ops have to head up there now....DTs coming! O ya, pu pu is very good. The large bone ribs and wing. Yum old fashion Polynesian food.

Lakes region Italian

Try O's in lake port area of Laconia. We tried the cowboy aka bone in serloin, the filet and Zupa De P Fra Diablo. All were worth it. Steak and Italian.

Looking Bang Bang Shrimp in Lower Merrimac Valley (MA, NH) area

i have been dying for Bang Bang shrimp. But have not seen it around NE. can some one help fix this for me?

summer vacation with kids, Madison, NH / Conway area

the pizza barn it you go out of madison via the souther route and you come out on 16. Go 16 s.

Nice for the kids and fam....relaxed pizza and, etc

Oh ya have a picnic at the madison Boulder!

Pizza Barn
1860 Route 16, Center Ossipee, NH 03814

Three Shwarmas and a Gyro walk into a bar...

There are some great Shwarma in Lawrence. Mounirs and Jims kabob. The one I always get is the Steak/Cheese/Salad Shwarma. I don't know but in Lawrence when you order a steak/cheese/salad, the only way to order S&C, it comes with salad in side the wrap. With a great side of fries. O ya the owners of both these restaurants are BROTHERS!

Mounir's Restaurant
34 S Broadway, Lawrence, MA 01843

What is your GO TO dish for major snow storms? [moved from Northern New England]

Mine is Jambalaya and nothing like that warm spicy rice stew with all the meat and shrimp to get you through the day. My son’s friends all want to sleep over the night before a storm for that one reason. It doesn't hurt to have the extra hands for shoveling the next day. :) What is yours?

Feb 02, 2011
hardtail60 in Home Cooking

Things we enjoy uncooked (that we probably shouldn't)

As a kid… raw hamburger meat and of course cake batter and cookie dough. How about that for being an American kid growing up in the 60's, 70's 80's. Now the food police and child services would be knocking on my door within minutes if I let my children eat that stuff.

Jan 27, 2011
hardtail60 in General Topics

looking for Montréal Poutine in Lower Merrimac Valley!

Ha ha. I grew up in a big city and for 16 years I have been in S NH. I call it Downtown (tongue-in-cheek) because we live in one of the little towns near there and that is where we do all our shopping. Not in Haverhill which has a pretty good downtown. :)

looking for Montréal Poutine in Lower Merrimac Valley!

I live in greater Plaistow and I am looking for some Poutine in the SE NH or NE Ma. Have not had it since my hockey playing days and have a hankering for this wonderful dish. Anyone?

"Polynesian" style Chinese restaurants

I lived in FLA for 5 years and they do NOT have the same Chinese food there. As a matter of fact I find it hard to find the style of Chinese in New England anywhere I have been in the US. I grew up in Lawrence and we had to drive to Salem NH to Bob Loo's. Chinese was Polynesian that is why we go to Hawian Isle in Plaistow, NH.

Newburyport? Soup, salad, sandwich type place? Veggie friendly? {Not a requiement}

Part of the experience and what you pay for right! And it is all personal.

Newburyport? Soup, salad, sandwich type place? Veggie friendly? {Not a requiement}

The Park lunch is not what it used to be. But I still like to go there! I just don't like when they cut corners like cutting the scallops in half like a coin...very disturbing trend.

Any good non-Italian sausage in NH?

There is my go-to Polish market on 110 in Haverhill ma near the Merrimack boarder. Wally's veg/fruit stand. The best Blue Seal brand. Worth the trip! While you are in the area you can hit Salisbury Beach for some Lee Hunt's clams and o-rings!

Best Ginger Ale?

I like SCHWEPPES! It is a must when sick. Stir out all bubbles to calm my belly. HA ha

Dec 19, 2010
hardtail60 in General Topics

Sunshine Oriental Restaurant - Dim Sum in Concord NH

Local Din Sum? I always hit China Pearl on Tyler st when in Boston. The one where you have to go up the stairs and has community seating. Next time I am in Concord I will try. Update coming.

Award Winning Chili?

Real Texas Red don't have beans!

With that said, I also put in a half a reg size dark chocolate bar. Hershey usually.

Dec 06, 2010
hardtail60 in Home Cooking

The best Chicken Barb’s in Greater Lawrence? And No not the one with B-B-Q sauce!

Lawton's is get you lobby roll and chicken bar-b while you can.

Grande Mexico, Plaistow, NH: anyone been?

I had eaten there this Sat. the 20th. It was maybe a 2 out of 5. My sister and some other friends all went there on Sat. All said the same thing. I will try one more time in the future do to being just opened. It is no Cafe Azteca or Mexican Lindos. Both which are 5 stars on price, food and atmosphere.

What's your "secret ingredient?"

celery salt.

Nov 24, 2010
hardtail60 in Home Cooking

What's the secret to an amazing New England Clam Chowder?

OK... I grew up in Mass and now live in NH for the last 16 of my 44 years and I am a foodie. When I make chowda, I use a couple of slices of the Hood packaged cheese (individual rapped ones). It adds a great creamy flavor.

Second, I love to make the Jasper White clam (not the restaurant style one) fish chowda from his 50 chowders book.

Nov 24, 2010
hardtail60 in Home Cooking

Great chow in Lawrence

Jacquelines: Jacqueline’s Grocery Store next to Jacqueline’s Accounting business on Broadway across form St. Pats on Broadway. This is the biggest secret in the city.
Get the Adoba chicken! $1 pc.

Great chow in Lawrence

Lawton's reopened!

Great chow in Lawrence

Lawnton's lobster rolls are the best for the price. And there chicken barbs

The best Chicken Barb’s in Greater Lawrence? And No not the one with B-B-Q sauce!

A chix barb is boiled chix in turkey broth on a hamburger bun with mayo and lettice. Thats it!

Looking for good chix barb's. I think Norm's White Horse and Lawtons are the best since the Tally Ho burned down.

Braise with pork shoulder and savoy cabbage

My family Polish Kapusta.

Meat- what you like. I usually use 5 porkchops(no Bone) or sometimes polish kabasa.

1 Lg cabbage head-cut in 1" pieces wide. 1 bag of saurkrout. 2 small apples- cut in to chunks. 2 onions- sliced. Put in crock for 4-6 hrs. Finnish with Carraway seeds, salt and pepper to taste.

Nov 18, 2010
hardtail60 in Home Cooking