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Great Pancakes in Arlington and/or DC?

Original Pancake House in Falls Church.

Lunch near the Westin Alexandria

I second the sushi place (Sushi Naru). It's all you can eat, so the rice/fish proportion isn't ideal. But, the sushi tastes very fresh, and they are very good about restocking all the choices There are some non-standard sushi choices too -- e.g., the Bueno sushi, which is avacado wrapped. There's a very good wasabi salad.

OTOH, Eammon's...I dunno. The last several times I was there there (over the course of a year) I left unimpressed. It's a bit on the expensive side, and everything tastes bland.

Good Southern Cuisine

FWIW, it's Southside 815 in south Old Town, and 219 Restaurant on the main drag (King Street). I've never been to 219, Southside has OK southern food but is not particularly upscale

Southside 815
815 S Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314

219 Restaurant
219 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Trader Joes in Clarendon?

Trader Joe's Clarendon (640)
1109 N Highland Street
Arlington, VA 22201

Got my Hatch Green Chiles!

We got the Hatch rellenos from the prepared foods counter. Pretty darn good. Not so much the Hatch bialy!

Is there anywhere in Woodbridge worth eating that isn't a chain?

We've had pretty good meals at Mateo's in Montclair, just past Woodbridge

5081 Waterway Drive
Montclair, VA 20226

I finally found authentic California Mexican!!

I can confirm...I've been going here for 5 years or so and have always had both good food and pleasant experiences interacting with the owner.

For those not familiar with this area, it's on Rt. 1, south of the beltway. As you head south, there's a big Safeway on the left. La Mexicana is in the next shopping center right after that, kind of hidden away behind a KFC and Checkers.

La Mexicana
13016 Middlebrook Rd, Germantown, MD 20874

Looking for brunch convenient to I-95

We are meeting a group of people, some coming north on I-95, some coming south, all meeting near downtown. Any recommendations for a brunch place that could accommodate 17 people. Nothing too exotic or spicy. Thanks in advance..

Nov 13, 2010
theoneontheleft in Philadelphia

Bye Bye Morty's

Stopped in for lunch at Morty's deli in DC today and was told by the waitress that the staff was told last night that today (11/2) was the last day -- they're closing down. I know it wasn't a great deli, but it was nice having a place in town that had NY deli-style food that allowed you to linger for a while.

Jarritos in DC?

The Shoppers on Rt. 1 in Alexandria City, just south of Crystal City, is about a mile walk from the Crystal City metro

About to move to D.C. from Austin. Will need TexMex, Fajitas, and BBQ

We just et at the Uncle Julios in Prince William County (by Wegman's) and were decidedly underwhelmed. To us, it tasted a lot like Chevy's, but twice as expensive. Like Chevy's, the chili relleno was way over-cheesed, and the coating was heavy and overwhelming, not light and fluffy. Nondescript guacamole (compared to, say, Rosa Mexicano or even the aforementioned Chevy's). The breakfast taco my wife had tasted bland. And the chips, though nice and thin, were very greasy. And, it was extremely LOUD despite being not particularly crowded. This is consistent with the experience we had at the one in Gaithersburg many years ago. We decided to give it another chance, but we won't be back...and I wouldn't send anyone there expecting a meal the caliber of Chuy's or Fonda San Miguel...or even Baby Acupulco...

Eastern Shore of Virginia -- Accomac, Onancock, Cape Charles, etc.

Would that include Chincoteague? If so, there is a really good BBQ place there, called Woody's. Outdoor seating only, but really good BBQ sandwiches, sides. There's also a non-BBQ sandwich shop, though we've never been there, because we like the BBQ so much. Is it possible this is the best BBQ in Virignia?

Not Too Fancy Near JHU

We're non-Baltimorians (Baltimorites? I know it's not Baltimorons!) who will be meeting friends Sunday night near Johns Hopkins. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with what's up that way. Can anyone provide hints for good, family-friendly places? We don't mind divey or ethnic...

Kid-friendly restaurant in Old Town, Alexandria?

You didn't specify which maybe this is too late. Two places that are particularly kid friendly are King Street Blues and Hard Times Chili. There are also BGR and one of the first 5 Guys in Old Town too. And, if the kids like fish, Eamonn's can be fun just because it's so differnet.

Hmm, the links don't seem to be working correctly. Here are addresses, all are Googleable:

King Street Blues, King & St. Aseph
Hard Times, King & West Street
BGR, King & Washington St.
5 Guys, King and Colubus
Eamonn's, King and Columbus

King Street Blues
112 N Saint Asaph St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Hard Times Cafe Alexandria
1404 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314

728 King St, Alexandria, VA 22314

The Burger Joint
106 N Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Fishers & Farmers (nee Agraria) in G'town

I've searched here, but I haven't found many specifics about Fishers & Farmers in Georgetown since it relaunched a little while back. Anyone been there in 2010? Any recommendations?

If you were going to visit Wahington's estate at Mt. Vernon....

I think biscuit means BGR, Burger Joint, just north of King & Washington (GW Parkway becomes Washington as it crawls through Old Town)

The Burger Joint
106 N Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314

H. Salt Fish and Chips in Baltimore?

I thought H. Salt was exclusive to California (the state, not the city in Maryland). It was delicious, though.

Terrapin Taco House

I think that's Taco Laredo on Hillwood, not Tippy's.

Terrapin Taco House

The one time I ate at Terrapin Taco house, not long before it closed, it tasted to me like the Tippy's in Arlington.

Kid friendly restaurants at National Harbor - going this weekend.

Hmmm, except for Hard Times, I'm not sure I'd call any of those Alexandria choices particularly family friendly. Maybe Eammon's for Fish & Chips; King Street Blues (with so-so food but a fun decor) for American; or Bugsy's for pizza.

And, wow....someone really HATES National Harbor!! To defend the OP, I suspect the OP may be going to National Harbor (which is more than just the Gaylord Hotel) to see the ice sculptures, decorations, carolers, etc. That's not too crazy -- even as an Old Towner, I can see how NH could be more exciting for the kiddies than strolling by Old Town's quaint galleries, historic buildings and restaurants. The area behind the Torpedo Factory in Old Town can be fun when the various street performers are out, but given this weekend's forecast, I suspect none will be there.

As for NH, in my experience, the only family-friendly places there, both in terms of service (i.e., not slow) and price (i.e., not geared toward expense account diners) are the lone fast-foodies -- Potbelly and Elevation Burger.

ISO Sports Bar in/near Baltimore

I'm in DC, I'm meeting a friend from Philadelphia halfway-between to watch out-of-market NFL games. Anyone have a sports bar (or other dining/drinking establishment that shows all the NFL games) they can recommend in the Balitmore area (either in the city or north of it)? Our main prerequisites are that the place shows all of the games; serves decent food; and isn't too hard to find? Any suggestions?

richmond highway -- hybla valley down to lorton -- need recs

The white pizza at Mamma's is pretty darn good too.

Eats near L'Enfant Plaza Hotel

Depends on how far "not too far" is...and how loose your definition of "joint" is. The American Indian Museum is on 4th & Independence, you're just off of, in essence, 11th & Independence. It's about a half-mile walk, and the food there is really quite good -- not at all what you'd expect from a Smithsonian museum cafeteria.

If you want to be adventurous (as in crossing a busy highway to get to a primitive eating space), you're less than a half mile from the Maine Avenue Fish Market area, which has plenty of vendors selling steamed shrimp, oysters, etc. To be clear, though, there isn't anywhere formal to sit and eat (though there are a few picnic benches and tall tables nearby), and getting down to Maine Avenue from L'Enfant can be an adventure...particularly in heels!

National Museum of the American Indian: (look for Mitsitam Café)
Maine Avenue Fish Market:

Giants Saints Game Sunday?

The Hard Times Chili n Woodbridge/Dale City shows all the NFL games. Probably other Hard Times do as well.

Where to get DogFishHead Punkin Ale?

Do you mean DC area....or DC proper? If by some chance it's former, both the Gaithersburg and Fairfax outposts of Dogfish Head Alehouse list Punkin Ale on tap,

Alexandria Institution Shuttering

Driving down Duke Street at lunchtime today, it appeared the Alexandria location of Generous George's Positive Pizza has closed. Moving trucks and a "building for sale" sign in front, workers disassembling the large nutcracker soldier by the front door, and a "Visit Us at Our Herndon Location" on the marquee. Too bad -- GG's went downhill a lot in the lost few years (to the point that we no longer recommended it to visiting friends), but it was always reassuring to see it there.

PYO Apple Orchards That Allow Dogs?

Looks like my previous reply was posted, let me repeat just the substance part: We've brought our dog along for the fun at Hartland Orchard in Markham, Va. Last time was 2007 -- might be worth calling to be sure the rules haven't changed.

Pasara in Old Town Alexandria?

Yes, same as the Kingstowne one. They also have a downtown DC location (Connecticut & N). I wouldn't characterize it as mediocre -- not spectacular, but perfectly fine. And for the Carlyle location, it's probably the best food in that whole area....which isn't saying much....

Weekend Breakfast/Brunch place near National Airport

Ahem. Caps on. And...go: DON'T LEAVE THE AIRPORT!!!!

You'll create too much stress for your visitors and for yourself.

By the time they get out of the terminal, you'll have less than 2 hours to go somewhere, order, eat, and get back. The blue/yelow line is under construction for the next month or so. And, you live here, you know: Even when Metro isn't under construction, there can be unexpected delays.

Mayorga Coffee and Einstein Bagels are both in the airport. Hardly a gourment meal. But, grab something simple, sit in the seats mid-terminal (in what used to be the main terminal of the airport, before the new part was added 10 years ago), and enjoy a stress-free couple of hours.

Mt Vernon area - need a bar

Agreed squared. In fact, I can't really think of too many bar bars in that area (where I live). There used to be a divey southern bar called Calabash, but it closed down (and just reopened this weekend as Isla's Mexican Seafood). Rt. 1 is a chain magnet. Of those, Chevy's probably has the most pleasant bar area.