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Sorry, I obviously meant 2010 edition, not 2001!


Besides eating currasco (grilled meats) and drinking chimarrão (yerba mate tea), another essential eating experience in Porto Alegre, in my opinion, is lunching at a "galeteria". This typically local style of restaurant, which came to Porto Alegre with its many Italian immigrants, serves spit-roasted chicken with all the trimmings - pasta, salads, rice, beans, etc. Huge amounts of food, and normally fabulously juicy roast chicken with crispy, crispy skin.

The well-known Brazilian gastronomic review, Veja, awards top honors in its 2001 edition to the "Galeteria Veneto" with two locations in Porto Alegre. I'm not personally familiar with it, but Veja's awards are generally quite reliable.

Cocunut Milk

They normally carry this brand at the produce store next to Starbuck's at the corner of Main and 14th. If I remember correctly, the name of the store is Everfresh, but I'm not absolutely certain. The previous poster's suggestion of T&T is a good one too.