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Football during Thanksgiving dinner - am I a snob?

Amoule, I don't think you're a snob for not wanting the TV on during your Thanksgiving meal. It sounds like the guest in question didn't so much politely ask if a TV would be available(which I think is acceptable) as much as inform you of his need for a TV to become available...two different things, IMO, so I can see why it raised your hackles a bit. You said yes to the request, however, so now the responsibility is on you to be a good sport about it(no pun intended:)) I'd say that for the future, if you really don't want the TV to be a part of your Thanksgiving gathering, you need to set your guests, and yourself, up for success by clearly and respectfully articulating that when the invite goes out. The reality is that football is, for many, a huge part of Thanksgiving. You don't have to personally agree with that mindset or cater to it as a host, but it's on you to communicate your "house rules". Good luck with your gathering!

Nov 26, 2014
aes1968 in Not About Food

Wheat/Dairy Free Wedding Guest Ettiquette

I agree with this. First off, telling the OP to contact the caterer assumes that the OP knows who the caterer is. If she/he doesn't, then the only way to find out is to ask the bride and/or groom, thus ruining the whole "don't get the bride/groom involved" scenario. More importantly, it doesn't seem appropriate for a caterer to field calls from guests about the wedding menu and then discuss potential changes/additions/subtractions with them. This seems like a conversation that only the caterer should have with the folks paying for the catering. I do think it's okay to discretely ask about the menu relative to dietary concerns once at the event. This is of course with the understanding that the staff may not be able to accommodate special needs at that point, depending on the nature of the request.

(edited because I hit 'enter' too soon!)

Wheat/Dairy Free Wedding Guest Ettiquette

I would suggest as many others have- eat a hearty meal beforehand and/or bring something you can snack on in the car or somewhere that isn't at the actual reception. Once there, I think it's acceptable to discretely ask the staff if any of what is being served meets your dietary needs. If so, great! If they're willing to put something together for you-great! If not, have a drink and enjoy the happy occasion.

With all due respect, I would not ask the co-worker what the menu is and then suggest a "solution" to something that the bride and groom obviously don't see as a problem to begin with. It may be true that in your experience folks ask for dietary needs on invites, but regardless of your experience, the main point is that this couple didn't ask. It's on you to figure out how to best take care of yourself in the situation without involving the bride and groom, or bow out gracefully and send your regrets. I wish you luck with your decision either way:)

Sep 05, 2014
aes1968 in Not About Food

No I Don’t Want to Split 4 Deviled Eggs 6 Ways: Why Sharing Sucks

I just feel like we have a case of taking things too personally; the writer and many of the posters here included. Yes, it can be socially awkward if you go to dinner with friends and you feel like you're the only one there who doesn't want to "share plates". I totally get it, been there, done that. The easy cure for this is to, as many have said, to just speak up and risk being that one person who wants their own food. If these folks are your friends, they'll totally get it and move on. If they don't- don't choose to go to meals with them. On the other side, the writer isn't a horrible selfish person if he doesn't want to take part in a meal sharing situation. No need to hurl insults, make sweeping generalizations about his childhood/upbringing, or take any his comments as a personal indictment. I just don't really see what the big deal here is on either side of fence.

Cheap Party Attendees

Hear, hear, Ellaf! Automatically assuming someone is "cheap" or "lazy" because their potluck contribution isn't up to ones standards is a bit snobbish, IMO. Everyone has different budget and time concerns, not to mention different comfort/ability levels with cooking. Don't get me wrong- between work, school and social life, I attend a lot of potlucks. I love a potluck where everyone has the time and ability to bring something homemade and special, but I never expect that to be the norm and would never judge people for not being able to deliver on that. As many others have suggested, don't go to the office potluck if the standard of options bothers you so much, or have your own so that you customize the event to your own liking.

Nov 22, 2013
aes1968 in Not About Food

Nacho Recommendations?

Peso's on lower Queen Anne....seriously. One of the only places I've tried in town that solves the dry chip mound, "too much 'na', and not enough 'cho' " problem you get at a lot of places. The happy hour version of their nachos is actually the perfect portion for one person and every chip has some goodness on it. The only issue is that Peso's can be a bit tedious to deal with. Go at off times, such as lunch, or early on weekday nights, and you'll be fine...Friday/Saturdays...stay away.

Oct 09, 2012
aes1968 in Greater Seattle

Caterer for a BBQ Party

Spady's BBQ Catering out of Poulsbo(they do serve the Greater Seattle area). They catered my wedding this summer and the food was incredible. Check out their website:

Sep 21, 2012
aes1968 in Greater Seattle

Visiting Seattle Over Memorial Day Weekend Need Restaurant/Coffee/Alcohol Suggestions

Senor Moose in Ballard has a fantastic brunch- authentic Mexican, very homey....gets super busy, though, so I'd go early although I think you'd be fine on weekdays. Right across the street from Senor Moose is Cafe Fiore which has great coffee.

May 23, 2012
aes1968 in Greater Seattle

When the host is late serving the meal - also rude? Is it ok for guests to leave?

I think we can all agree that different people/social groups have different expectations and habits as far the length of their dinner parties and when food is served relative to that. It sounds like there was just a honest, although unfortunate, disconnect between the host and the particular guests involved. Had it been my party, I would have made a point to let folks know a ballpark time of when we'd actually eat, and if the evening was going to be a long, leisurely one, I'd have made sure there was plenty of appetizers.

That being said, I think you did the polite, gracious thing in staying. Knowing what you know now, you can make an informed decision before accepting future invites from this couple.

Jan 16, 2012
aes1968 in Not About Food

RN 74

I don't really have a dog in this fight, so to speak, but I agree with this distinction between Purple and RN74. I can't speak for what will happen to RN74, but Purple seems be doing what it does successfully. They provide a lot of accessibility in their food menu- not just in palate, but in price point. You can totally argue that the food doesn't reach the level of sophistication or quality that an establishment like RN74 is aspiring to, but I don't think Purple is necessarily trying to do that. In addition, if it's worth anything, Purple is a marked destination on the ubiquitous free Downtown Seattle tourist map that you can find at any tourist attraction in the they are obviously trying to to provide accessibility to all kinds of diners. Again, not necessarily trying to defend the honor of Purple, but I don't think they are in the same boat as RN74.

Oct 28, 2011
aes1968 in Greater Seattle

Critique my food itinerary

Before you go to Tango, I would check with them to see if they have live guitar that night. We went to Tango not long ago on a night when the guitar player was there...he was great, but the sound amplification was way too much. It definitely affected the quality of our experience.

Sep 21, 2011
aes1968 in Greater Seattle

Hatch Green Chili Roasting event at Albertson's in Burien, today-Sunday or while they last...

They had a bit of roasted chile left at the Interbay WH yesterday, and a small quantity of unroasted at the Ballard 24th Avenue QFC as well.

Sep 06, 2011
aes1968 in Greater Seattle

Sneaking Food into Movies

I was at a movie last week, seated in the same row as a family of four. As soon as the feature presentation started, the entire family hauled out "snuck in" Subway sandwiches and began the arduous task of unwrapping and trying to eat their gloppy, overstuffed foot longs during the film. Not only was it loud and distracting to everyone sitting around them, but they made an absolute mess. I think this is where sneaking food in gets ridiculous. If you feel the need to eat an entire meal during a movie, then get some food and watch a movie at home.

Mar 23, 2011
aes1968 in Features

Etiquette: on potlucks and vegetarians [moved from General Topics]

"I do think that it would be good for those making those other sides to be aware that vegetarians will be there so that as far as possible, simple things like using water or veg. stock instead of chicken stock in an otherwise "vegetarian" dish is done. It's a bummer when many of the sides turn out to not really be "vegetarian"."

I totally get where you are coming from here, but this can turn into a slippery slope if guests feel they have change/modify their recipes. Asking folks to just identify if they used any 'non-veggie' ingredients in what they brought is totally reasonable, particularly if it is not obvious by just looking at the item, but asking them to substitute ingredients is, I think, asking too much. The point of a potluck is for everyone to bring an item that they are genuinely excited to share. It should be as fun and stress free as possible. I agree that it would be great for the host to provide a simple but hearty veggie option to supplement whatever other veggie items will be brought. Perhaps a great seasonal soup, a big salad, and bread. I don't, however, think that any guests should be asked to do anything other than bring something they want to bring. Just my two cents.

Nov 17, 2010
aes1968 in Not About Food