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Rt. 58 and Rt. 11 in Virginia

Yeah, been there, done that. Just looking for updates....

Aug 25, 2011
billonthehill in Mid-Atlantic

Rt. 58 and Rt. 11 in Virginia

Chick-n-Little is pretty much the sort I was looking for.....looks like Abingdon is a good place to spend a couple of days. Anyone have anything for Danville, Galax, Lexington, Winchester, Staunton, or even Front Royal? Thanks again.

Aug 24, 2011
billonthehill in Mid-Atlantic

Rt. 58 and Rt. 11 in Virginia

FFS, thanks for the leads. The bakery looks really good.

Aug 20, 2011
billonthehill in Mid-Atlantic

Rt. 58 and Rt. 11 in Virginia

Would appreciate recommendations for Mom&Pop/Family run-type restaurants along Rts. 58 in southside Virginia and Rt. 11 through the Shenandoah in the western part of the state. Local food, meat-n-three, BBQ, homemade pies, etc. Thanks.

Aug 19, 2011
billonthehill in Mid-Atlantic

Key Lime Juice in Richmond?

Martin's carries Nellie and Joe's Key West Lime Juice. It's usually located in the section with the baking stuff (as opposed to the area where they carry different juices).

Mar 20, 2011
billonthehill in Mid-Atlantic

Richmond: ISO of lunch & dinner recs for local gems that serve adult bevs & are kid-friendly.

There is a restaurant called The Tavern located near Patterson and Three Chopt Rd. (7110 Patterson) that is about 1/2 way between Broad/I-64 and U of R (assume that is the University you are referencing.) Nice place, good food, nothing really exotic, but does have a local, casual, kid friendly atmosphere.

Mar 15, 2010
billonthehill in Mid-Atlantic

Suggestions in Chester, VA?

You might try Sibley's. It's a small restaurant on the right as you head west on Rt. 10, stuck back into a strip mall. It's meets most of your qualifications...inexpensive, comfortable, southern.....they might have to pull a couple of tables together to accommodate 9, though. Not a world class culinary institute, but not a bad way to spend an hour or so. Good buttermilk pie.

Smith's Red and White in Dortches, NC

Thanks for the tip on the pimento cheese.....been a while since I've had that. Can someone please explain the "air dried" sausage? That's a new one on me. Thanks.

Smith's Red and White in Dortches, NC

Will be travelling down I-95 on Labor Day and wanted to find out more about this grocery store. Anyone know if it wil be open on Labor Day? Also, I have heard about the pork sausage and the chicken salad. Any other recommendations on foods to try? Thanks.

Mas x Menos Richmond, Va

Has anyone tried this Latino market/restaurant located near Buford Rd. on Midlothian Tpke?(7826 Midlothian). Stopped in a couple of weeks ago and picked up a menu, but haven't been back to eat yet. It's a small restaurant located inside the store, open seven days a week and actually does breakfast on the weekends. Looked interesting.


Eggs Norfolk

The Strawberry Street Cafe in Richmond has an "Eggs a la Norfolk" on it's brunch menu and is described just as you did above. Haven't tried it, but it does sound good.

Jan 05, 2009
billonthehill in Home Cooking

I-95 Road Trip Va-Ga


I-95 Road Trip Va-Ga

Is the Tastee Hut the drive-in type restaurant that you can see from the interstate? The one I am thinking of is on the right as you are heading south. Thanks.

Virginia BBQ

Guess it's that old thing about differences of opinions making for good horse races..... what I find interesting are differences even with people you are close to. My sister, for instance, will sit at a table and pick crab meat from steamed crabs until her fingers are raw. I wouldn't give 2 cents for it, even though we grew up at the same dinner table.
As for BBQ, I've heard about a place called King's BBQ on Rt. 301, just north of the Wagner Rd (I think) exit, south of Petersburg. Been told it's pretty close to NC style which I prefer. Haven't tried it yet.

Virginia BBQ

I'm really glad to hear someone else say this....never really understood the attraction to Buz and Ned's. IMO, the BBQ is not that good, even for VA BBQ, the sides aren't that good, and finally someone has commented on the attitude of the guys at the counter. I've been 3 times thinking I just wasn't "getting" it, when in fact I was getting it loud and clear. Just not my kind of place. Benny's is very good, more comfortable atmosphere, easier parking. Might also try the BBQ place on Cary St. across from the Byrd Theatre (Double T's?). Unless they've changed, they bring the pork to the table unsauced, with 3 sauces on the table, VA, NC, and SC (which was surprisingly good honey-mustard based.) Except for the parking, good alternative to Buz and Ned's.

home style southern restaurant featured on cbs sunday morning

Could it be Mrs. Wilkes in Savannah?

BBQ choices in/near Rocky Mount, NC

Just wanted to second the recommendation for Gardners.

Kid friendly place near Children's Museum Richmond?

Not much to choose from close by, but there is a Pizza Hut within a block heading east (towards downtown). There is also one of those "new style" diner-type restaurants whose name escapes me (City? Diner, perhaps) that serves comfort-type food about a half-block east of that. A brand new McDonald's is supposed to open in 5 days (so the sign out front said this morning) literally a stones throw from the Children's Museum. Didn't take too much market research to decide that location, did it?
These probably weren't the choices you were looking for, but figured I would post them anyway. There is however, a restaurant called "64" maybe 3/4 mile north of Broad on the Boulevard (the Museum sits near the intersection of Broad and Boulevard) that I've been told is good, others will have to comment on it and the child friendliness of it. And lastly, there is a local chain called Bill's Barbecue also north on the Boulevard just prior to 64. I would consider it child friendly. Family run, local institution, not my style of BBQ, but they do have a decent club sandwich. Hope this helps.

Village Grill Richmond/VA Diner

"...been looking for the nothing fancy but homemade stuff." Might try Paradise Cafe (Diner?) in the Stratford Hills shopping center off of Forest Hill Ave south of the river. They are open from about 6:30 to 3:00 every day, serving only breakfast and lunch. About 1/2 mile west on Forest Hill is Liberty Valance. Also pretty decent. Nothing fancy, but a few homemade dishes.

One More Request: Between VA Beach and Rocky Mount, NC

Just wanted to second the recommendation for Gardner's. Used to travel alot from Richmond to Raleigh, and always included a stop there.

Cafe Cuba in Richmond

Has anyone tried this relatively new place in the Stratford Hills Shopping Center (stone's throw from Positive Vibes)? I tried their roast pork platter and thought it was real good. Includes pork, black beans and rice, plantain chips and a small salad. Could have done without the chips, but thought the pork was good. Real nice older couple run it.


Dining in Chester, VA?

There is a place, I believe across from the Post Office, called Sibley's.
4412 W. Hundred Rd. (Rt. 10). Sort of a small family owned restaurant. They make a pretty good buttermilk pie.

Caswell Beach/Southport

Little Bits is still there (as of a month ago.) People standing in line for a place to sit, so you may have the two confused. She does have strange hours, only open until 3pm, not open on Monday (or is it Tuesday?) and I think Sunday. Better to check the hours on the door.

Aug 21, 2007
billonthehill in Southeast