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Butcher - Porchetta and Charcuterie

Thanks to both of you! Speducci looks to be perfect and we will pick up some other provisions at kensington market as well. Much appreciated!!

Butcher - Porchetta and Charcuterie

Hello! I am from Vancouver and have been tasked with organizing a dinner in Toronto. Yikes and help! I don't know the food sources at all. A group of 12 highschool classmates will be flying in from various parts of Canada to celebrate their respective 60th birthdays in cottage country on the May long weekend. I am looking to source two things:

- a butcher from whom I could preorder .... and who would prepare and cryovac a large porchetta that I could then transport up to a cottage and roast on a rotisserie.

- a source for charcuterie / cheese for appetizers

We will be staying at Yonge/Bloor. We will have a car and I am happy to drive a reasonable distance to source the right products.

I am starting my research and thought I would also reach out here. So far, Grace Meats, Maselli's and Cumbrae's were butchers I was thinking of contacting. Hogtown Charcuterie also looks interesting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!!

new yorkers annual trip to san diego

Thank you all for the suggestions! Will definitely try some of these. Taco Maria looks super interesting.

Dec 15, 2014
abondance in San Diego

new yorkers annual trip to san diego

We are foodies from Vancouver, BC and will be in SD/ Rancho Santa Fe in January . Great list of restaurants and I look forward to trying many. Thanks to everyone for your input on this thread! Any recommendation for multi-course/tasting menu food experiences? I see that Georges offers but wondering if there are any other recommendations. If any of you are in the Pacific Northwest, be sure to check out Willows on Lummi Island.

Dec 14, 2014
abondance in San Diego

La Cornue Fe Range Purchase

Hello, does anyone out there have any current feedback on the La Cornue Fe Range? We are considering for our new home and I am wondering how you like it after a longer period of use and if you have had any operating / repair issues.

Nov 21, 2014
abondance in Cookware

Suggestions for Port Alberni, BC?

We will be staying in Port Alberni for a few days and are looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner options. This is the latest thread that I could find. Does anyone out there have any current suggestions? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Catering for a small group sailing trip

Thank you so much for your suggestion! I will check in with him tomorrow.

Catering for a small group sailing trip

Hi GS - Thanks again for your wonderful suggestions! We are boarding downtown and I will likely pick up from the caterer to make simpler. I will start searching caterers tomorrow and will let you know how it works out.

Catering for a small group sailing trip

Thank you for this very thoughtful reply!! Your suggestions are wonderful and I will definitely incorporate many of them. I will definitely package things individually for the snacks, etc while we are on the boat and I love the idea of packing in a meaningful way and perhaps polartec jackets. For the lunch part we will be stopping at the Wigwam Inn so that may open the possibility of spreading out a gourmet picnic lunch. Thank you again for this and hopefully some others might have suggestions on a suitable caterer.

Catering for a small group sailing trip

Hi everyone - I am arranging catering for a small corporate event (approx. 12 people). We will be sailing up Indian Arm for the day. I am hoping to arrange a creative gourmet picnic lunch and snacks for the day that won't involve cooking and will be an easy set up! Does anyone have any recommendations for caterers that you have had a good experience with? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Vancouver baking classes - amateur

Thank you all very much for your replies. I am going to try Vancouver Pastry School. It looks perfect!

Vancouver baking classes - amateur

I would like to give a baking class(es) as a gift to my niece who loves all things sweet. I have checked all of the places I can think of that offer cooking classes but I can't seem to find anything oriented to baking. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I have checked:
- Dirty Apron
- Quince
- Barbara Jo's Books to Cooks
- Edible BC

Looking for Best of Vancouver

I would definitely add:

La Quercia - you will see it won best casual Italian and I think the best Italian in town. Definitely go for the 7 or 10 course chefs tasting menu. You will need to book well in advance.

PidGin - in a troubled area of town but a young, creative chef doing wonderful and interesting food. I'm a big fan.

Bao Bei - ( . It is a hip Chinese bistro with a good cocktail scene. Located on Keefer street in Chinatown. They don't take reservations. Before or after, the Keefer bar which is just down the street is interesting for cocktails (


Bao Bei and PidGin are interesting "tastes of Vancouver"!

Hawksworth has been hit and miss for me.

One other thought for absolutely amazing although not in Vancouver is Willows Inn. NY Times voted it one of the 10 restaurants worth flying into. It is about a 1.5 hour drive from Vancouver on Lummi Island in Washington State. ( . One of the best meals of my life.


Vancouver fun great food great vibe high end date night?

La Quercia - try the 7 or 10 course menu. Truly wonderful food.

One night for Chinese in Richmond

I would like to check out the Richmond market and notice that there are 2 night markets in Richmond: the "Richmond Night Market" and the "Summer Night Market". Is one considered better than the other from a foodie perspective?

Searching for casual spots in Maui

We visited recently and LOVED Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop - halfway to Lanaina on Honoapililani Hwy.

Mar 15, 2012
abondance in Hawaii

Must try Hawaiian specialty foods

Thank you all so much for the great suggestions! We are excited to try as many of these suggestions as we can!

Mar 03, 2012
abondance in Hawaii

Must try Hawaiian specialty foods

Greetings everyone from Vancouver Canada,

We are thrilled to be going to Maui next week. We are foodies and interested in trying (and/or buying to take home) food items that are unique to the local market. It could be just a local ingredient, a unique hawaiian producer...anything special to the area that you think we absolutely need to "try before we die" ...things we can't eat or buy at home.

So far, I am aware of shaved ice, macadamia nuts, poke, lehua honey, kona coffee and crackseeds. I'm sure there is lots more.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts...and any suggestion or where to get the best would be awesome too!

Feb 29, 2012
abondance in Hawaii

Cape Town Recs please, 3 day trip

Greetings from Vancouver, Canada. I will also be in Cape Town later this month and am interested in similar suggestions so am eagerly watching this thread. We will also be in Sellenbosch and Garden Route so any suggestions are most appreciated. Thank you!

Downtown lunch catering

Thank you everyone! I appreciate the good suggestions.

Downtown lunch catering

I'm looking to cater a business lunch for about 10 people in an office boardroom. The location is downtown Vancouver. I would like to do something other than the standard sandwich fare.

Italian Kitchen is one option that I am considering.

I would appreciate any suggestions / recommendations.

Thanks so much!

Italian Kitchen
, Vernon, BC V1T, CA

Tasting menus in Vancouver

We tried Kitsilano Daily Kitchen a couple of weeks ago and had a great experience. Six courses for $65 and focus is on local ingredients. The food and service are more casual than West but then so is the price. There was a pretty good review by Stainsby in the Van Sun last week as well