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What are you a stubborn purist about?

Really funny - as an Italian this post's title caught my attention :) I think that I'm starting to relax my own rules on what is 'pure'... however, there are two things that still drive me up the wall, usually from 'wanna-be' Italian restaurants:

1) Pickled stuff used in pasta sauces. If I read on the menu that there is artichoke in the tomato sauce, I don't imagine it preserved in vinegar - not only is it not authentic, it's also plain disgusting in a sauce.

2) As mentioned by phoenikia, cooked prosciutto crudo on a pizza - as opposed to added on before serving. I know there is a place for cooked prosciutto crudo, but I agree that it doesn't taste any good on pizza.

Pasta for Christmas?

Awesome! I had no idea. I can totally hear the Southern Italian pronunciation in these alternative spellings. I love them! Let me correct your spelling of prosciutto though :)

Dec 18, 2010
quatrofromaggio in Home Cooking

Decent pizza in Vancouver

I completely agree with hampi, I'm Italian and I prefer Nook over Marcello, Lombardo or Sciué. Neither of these 4 pizzas is Neapolitan style (as very well defined by ), but as far as quality of the ingredients and execution Nook's pizza is the only one that I wouldn't complain about if I were to eat it in Milan.

My problem with Nook is finding a table!

Victoria and Vancouver Rec's... coming from SF

For Vancouver, how about The Sandbar Restaurant on Granville Island? It's a seafood restaurant (with some pacific NW, and Asian influences) in a great location, and has relatively reasonable prices. If instead you're looking for Chinese, I had very good meals at Spicy Court Chinese Restaurant, but there are definitely many other options.

Spicy Court Chinese Restaurant
5638 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z3A5, CA

The Sandbar
1535 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9, CA

European Bakeries (Vancouver area)

Thanks all for the ideas, this is exactly the type of list that I was hoping to get.

European Bakeries (Vancouver area)

Thank you! I'll have to try them all out now :)

Real Italian Food Vs. American Italian Food

Yeah, absolutely.

Real Italian Food Vs. American Italian Food

Unfortunately a lot of restaurants do (at least in the Vancouver area where I live). But I'm also referring to things like "Tuscan Chicken Pasta" - using the adjective "Tuscan" to provide an element of authenticity, when there is absolutely no chicken pasta in Tuscany... I wish they stopped doing that :)

It seems that for some reason adding "Tuscan" or generically "Italian" helps selling more dishes... As an Italian, even though flattering, I consider this a form of false advertising.

European Bakeries (Vancouver area)

I've been searching for a European-style artisan bakery / pastry shop. There is Chopain, but Manzano (in the Metrotown mall) is still my favorite - way better than Fratelli on Commercial, if you ask me. There must be more though... Does anyone have any suggestions?

Real Italian Food Vs. American Italian Food

I can't give a short answer, the differences are so many that I even started a blog on the subject ( ). I am an Italian who loves to cook, and after 10 years in Vancouver *I had* to start talking of the many aberrations of Italian food in North America. I don't mind adaptations to the local palate, and I understand that food, exactly like language, naturally evolves, but I do have a problem with self-proclaimed 'authentic' restaurants that offer a completely distorted view of Italian cuisine. I wish the word 'authentic' could be certified!