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Che ba mau (3 bean drink) in Calgary?

Yeah, that's the drink! Yum. I've been to Pho Pasteur many times but I've never tried the drink there. Thanks for the recommendation!

Apr 26, 2010
charliel in Prairie Provinces

Che ba mau (3 bean drink) in Calgary?

Hey, does anyone know of a good place for a good three bean drink? In Calgary? Back when Saigon Y2K in banff trail was good, I went there, but I wouldn't go there now...

Apr 24, 2010
charliel in Prairie Provinces

Passionfruit curd in Calgary?

Hey Calgary peeps! Does anyone know where you can buy passionfruit curd? I know you can theoretically make it yourself with passionfruit pulp, but I'm too lazy for that. Plus if I knew exactly how much sugar was in it, I wouldn't eat it.


Dec 13, 2009
charliel in Prairie Provinces

New in Calgary - can you help with "must dine at" restaurants?

Yeah, you must mean eat eat. I thought they had quality food before but now it's off my list. The sausages are super crappy, and I had always assumed their syrup was maple syrup but I noticed last time at the bottom it is $2 extra. So I guess their regular stuff is high fructose corn syrup with brown added. The time before that, the pancakes were burnt. Like a hard layer of black on one side. How could a restaurant have the nerve to actually serve that?

Jun 26, 2009
charliel in Prairie Provinces

Prince George eats.... moved from Canada board

I thought I'd revive this thread since I'm going to be moving to Prince George for a while. Are there any good non-chain restaurants? (Come on, there's got to be something more interesting than a Ric's Grill...)

Any good local restaurants/delis/bakeries/markets... anything?

Calgary - Le Villa, Aristan Bistro, or Open Range?

I went to Le Villa a couple months ago. It was pricey and not good. I had a seafood pasta with a bland rose sauce which was served lukewarm (I like my food piping hot!), and my friend had a steak, which was not bad, but about the same as the Keg. The veggies on the side were not good, though I don't remember the reason - not tasty or properly cooked, or something like that.
Oh, and we had a brie appetizer which came out room-temperature (to be generous) - they made another one for us, but even hot, it didn't make up for the fact that the dish still wasn't good.

Jul 27, 2008
charliel in Prairie Provinces

Good food, something "different" - Calgary?

Gold Wonton is a new-ish Chinese hot pot restaurant in Falconridge. It's expensive for hot pot ($23 for all you can eat - I think this is the only option), but everything is very fresh and tasty and there's a lot to choose from. I know there isn't wine involved here, but it's interactive and fits the bill of being a bit different.

Here's the address:
5441 Falsbridge Drive NE
(403) 285-8399

best pizza in calgary?

Tom's house of pizza fits your requirements!

Not that Wicked Wedge is thin crust, but I just wanted to say don't go there. Eating their pizza is a jaw workout. The whole wheat crust is like having a dense slab of whole wheat bread with some pizza stuff on top. The sauce was also minimal so the whole thing was fairly dry. I've never had such a bad pizza texture. Maybe they do this on purpose so the high school kids from across the street are forced to buy a drink to wash it down. But it was not good at all.

Feb 26, 2008
charliel in Prairie Provinces

Best Cheap/Value Breakfast in Calgary

Haha. I guess you should have been warned that the Lido is a total grease pit. I suppose it's a good cheap, casual, retro-ish place to go if you have a yearning for heart-stopping amounts of greasy food. ;)

I find eat! eat! in Inglewood very good, and the prices are very reasonable.

Feb 24, 2008
charliel in Prairie Provinces

Poutine In Calgary???

I don't understand why everyone raves about the poutine there. I don't know if it's just me not appreciating authentic Montreal style poutine, but I've been there twice, and both times the whole thing was soggy and lukewarm. I like my fries crispy and hot, and the gravy hot. The MSM there is probably one of the best places to go in Calgary though.

Calgary - Noodle King is back!

I haven't seen this on the board yet, so I thought I'd give everyone a heads up.

Noodle King, which used to be on 17th Ave, has reopened in the NE. We happened to be driving around one night and saw the sign, so of course we had to go see if it was really the same one. And indeed it is. Apparently the lease renewal was up, and it was set to double so they decided to find a new location. They've been open about a month.

So without further ado, here's the new address:

#119 2323 32 Ave NE

It's around the corner in the same parking lot as Thai Boat.

Noodle King was always high on my list of Places to go for Noodle Soup so I was disappointed last year to see that their "renovations" ended up turning into a different restaurant. But no more tears need be shed!

Jan 05, 2008
charliel in Prairie Provinces

Malaysian cuisine in Calgary?

I was there last night (Calgary) and I wasn't that impressed either. It wasn't bad. It just wasn't that great. We had a curry beef dish and this chicken + veggies in a coconut dish. The coconut presentation was cool, but I got the feeling they marinate their meats in a generic marinade, and then cook them with whatever sauce you order. The meats themselves didn't have much flavour - it was all the sauce. Also, the texture of the beef seemed a little weird but I can't put my finger on it.

Sep 19, 2007
charliel in Prairie Provinces

Awesome Pho in Chinatown area?

I was in SF last week and being a pho lover, I managed to get to Golden Star and Slanted Door. Slanted Door was $9 for a pretty small bowl, but the broth was excellent. The meat was just standard beef - no scary cuts to freak out the tourists, I guess. The meat wasn't amazing, but good. The noodles were thicker, like chinese ho fan noodles, but nice and soft and not in a tangled ball.

I was disappointed with Golden Star after all the rave reviews. It was really busy, even at 2pm. I got the #1 house special - pho with everything. The broth was pretty good, though slightly on the sweet side, which made me paranoid about them adding msg. The bowl was huge and loaded with stuff, but somehow it just didn't do it for me. I liked the soft noodles, but I didn't like the way they were completely tangled in an inseparable mass that broke off every time I tried to slip a few out. I'm no meatball expert, but I found the meatballs were more filler-y than meaty.

So I wasn't really blown away at either place. I guess I liked the broth better at SD. GS is obviously a better deal - I think it was about $6. SD's price is really high for what you get, though of course you'd expect that considering the restaurant. I do usually prefer the authentic hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

Best Pho in Calgary

I second that opinion. That and CoDo, and Pho Xuan (in Vista Landing, in the NE), are my favourite places for pho.
I noticed this thread is from last year and I think Bagolac and Y2K in the NW have really gone downhill. The last few times I was at Bagolac, it seemed like there was at least an inch of oil sitting on top of the soup.
The cuts of meat at Y2K are not tender. And the last few times I went to Y2K, every time I walked in there was
a) all new staff (is this a sign of bad management?) and
b) almost no asian customers. There used to be a lot of asians going there.
In my humble opinion, I think that when asians stop going to an asian restaurant, things are going wrong. Or perhaps not wrong... If it's still popular, then it's probably just losing authenticity to satisfy the local palate.

Aug 22, 2007
charliel in Prairie Provinces

Calgary - Pulcinella's now open

I had the same experience with the dough both times I went. Plus the cotto (cooked ham) was like they bought sliced ham at some grocery deli and diced it into little squares. (No, I wasn't expecting proscuitto.)

The arancini was great though! I'll go back to try more appetizers, but no thanks on the pizza.

Anyone been to Da Paolo, in Calgary?

I was there once years ago and it seemed good at the time. I don't know if it just was a long time ago or if the food wasn't that memorable, but all I know is that it was cozy. Does anyone have an opinion on it? How does it compare to places like Capo, etc.?