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Mpls Food Trucks - Who's The Best?

I know for sure that Hola Arepa is at the Uptown Market on Sundays; Foxy is at Kingfield with Chef Shack. Not sure about Magic Bus and She Royal this year.

52 Hours in Minneapolis – Best Late Afternoon Meal? And Itinerary Review

Thought you might be interested in seeing that most of the bakeries mentioned here are highlighted in an article in the NYT this weekend, nsxtasy-
Patisserie 46 definitely has the greatest emphasis on the European style pastry you're interested in; the Salty Tart has its fair share of cupcakes in addition to the other baked goods.

As for the early dinner recommendation, I'd agree with those that said a Vincent burger at Vincent's or happy hour at Saffron are your best bets outside of a Kramarczuk sausage at the game. The lamb BLT at Saffron that's on the happy hour menu is delicious and more meal-sized than it used to be, though you'd still probably want to supplement it with a couple of other small plates to make it dinner.

Hunting / Foraging / Fishing / Adventurous Food in Iowa and Missouri

I’m working for a documentary filmmaker who will be embarking on a six month “real food road trip” in May. After having filmed a year’s worth of weekly online episodes about socially responsible and adventurous eating in Minnesota, he will be taking the concept nationally and hopes to meet with farmers, small-scale food producers, urban gardeners, hunters, foragers, and fishermen on his travels. Right now, we’re especially looking for suggestions for episode ideas regarding hunting / foraging / invasive species / unique people in Iowa and Missouri.
Any suggestions on where to start – people / organizations to get in touch with, experiences not to miss out on? He will be in these states during the month of May.
Thank you!

Mar 18, 2011
bayapolis in Great Plains

Frozen sour cherries?

No luck at Kowalski's (Uptown), unfortunately they just have sweet ones. Thanks though!

Frozen sour cherries?

Thanks for the link and the tip Anne; I had searched the archives for sour cherries but not tart cherries. I'll check out Caspian Bistro for jarred ones though!

Caspian Bistro
2418 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Frozen sour cherries?

I have visions of a sour cherry cheesecake for valentine's day, but I'm struggling with where to find frozen sour cherries in Minneapolis. I looked at the Seward Co-op yesterday, and just called the Wedge but neither place has them. I happened to be at the Southdale Byerly's today and didn't see them there... Any tips? I don't have a car so knowing exactly where to find them, or at least narrowing down where to call would be great, thanks.

Addie's Pizza Pie, South Berkeley (NY-style pizza & Frozen Custard) - Now Open, anyone try it?

I had a scoop of the ginger frozen custard when I stopped in around Thanksgiving and it was delicious! Great ginger flavor and a really light melt in your mouth feel. I used to love the Trader Joe's ginger gelato (no idea whether they still have it or not) but always found the huge chunks of ginger overpowering so it was nice to have that ginger flavor but with a smooth texture and not quite as much spiciness.