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Moroccan Mint Tea

Can anyone recommend a good source to get some authentic Moroccan Mint tea ?

Reverse osmosis, Ionized or... tap water ?

According to whom ? Their published data ? Really ?

Reverse osmosis, Ionized or... tap water ?

Sodium fluoride, nitrates, chloroform, copper, barium, and arsenic to name a few...

Reverse osmosis, Ionized or... tap water ?

Can someone school me on which water would be the cleanest to consume in the east bay ? I read somewhere that reverse osmosis water is not that good for you but someone told me to add about 1/2 tea spoon of Himalayan salt to make for the lost minerals.

I am trying to stay away from all these chemicals which are present in our water system. Someone else recommended a Berkey system to save some $$

Kaffir Vodka

It was good while it lasted...

May 04, 2014
biogenic in Spirits

Uncle Eddys eggs ?

Curios to get some feedback on organic eggs. Say some at Farmer's Joe's in Oakland and just wondering how they compare to other varieties.

Any other recommendations on real organic eggs would be appreciate it.

Is the Farmers Market downtown Oakland which is every Friday a good source to purchase real organic cage free eggs besides all the vegetables they have there ?


Villa Blanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil ?

Anyone tried this ? World Market has a special on it ...

Farro Perlato

Thanks ! On my way there tomorrow to pick some up in addition with other stuff.

Best chorizo in Oakland ?

Looking for some good freshly made chorizo in Oakland. Any suggestions ?

Farro Perlato

That's where I purchased my last batch. Unfortunately they don't have in stock now. I'll try Berkeley Bowl...

Farro Perlato

Anyone know where I can find some Farro Peralto in the East Bay ? Looking to purchase in Bulk if possible.

Kaffir Vodka

Just had some Hangar One Kaffir infused vodka and I really enjoyed it. I would like to make my own. Anyone know if I use just the leaves or the actual fruit. Thanks for your help.

Jul 28, 2012
biogenic in Spirits

What to get....what to get.... Turkey VOTE !

Thanks for link. Very informative. I'll call Ver Brugge Butcher on College and Alcatraz and see what hey have to offer. To be honest, I was checking out the Safeway $9 birds myself. From what I hear there is not a lot of difference between brands...

The Costco option on the pre brined birds is another option.

What to get....what to get.... Turkey VOTE !

Organic, free range, Pre Brined and I will roast. Thanks !

What to get....what to get.... Turkey VOTE !

Turkey Day is upon us one more time this year and I am toren up between what brand Turkey to get. Any suggestions would be appreciate it.

1. Marys
2. Willies
3. Heidi's
4. Diestel