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Shellfish Sue (Lansdale)

Well I went there a week ago Friday night and was terribly disappointed. Since the last post things have really gone downhill here or perhaps I ordered the worst two things on the menu. I asked the server which of the two (Maryland or Chesapeake) crabcakes he recommended and I was told the Chesapeake. It was a nice size crabcake, but 7/8s filler. Couldn't tast any crab. Seemed like any store bought defrosted crabcake. I also had their seafood bisque and didn't like it. Strange taste!

I was very disapointed because I really wanted them to succeed. Lansdale could use a good seafood restaurant and Shellfish Sue's menu seemed outstanding. Apoparently, I am not the only one staying away. I was there by myself on a Friday in Lent at 6:30pm. About halfway through my meal another couple ventured in and sadly I heard the women get the same reply from the waiter when she asked about the crabcales. Heard her complaining after her first bite as I exited the door.

Mar 03, 2013
rg818 in Philadelphia

Fun, decently priced restaurant for a Monday night

My favorite byob in the city 19th street and they are open Mondays.
You don't say where you are staying in the city but it is pretty central to many Hotels.

Oct 05, 2011
rg818 in Philadelphia

Twisted Kitchen in Colmar

Ate there twice so far; each time we had an very good experience. Menu serves up things you'll recognize with theiri own little twist. Twisted kitchen?

My friend had the philly heart attack burger the first time and I had the Hawaiin hot dog and fries. He loved his burger and my hot dog was excellent even with the not so secret "spam" ingredient I'll never stop hearing the end of! "YOU went to a restaurant and ordered something with SPAM?!" Alond with the other ingredients, it was delicious. Get the idea?-twisted.

Went back again 2 weeks later,today, for brunch. Dining partner had the Heartland crepes which he liked a lot. I had the4 Creme Bulee French toast which was equal quality to any fine restuarant. Not overly sweet, light and served with pecans and fresh banana. Beautiful presentation.

Agree with post saying it may be difficult to find. Sign has way too much writing on it and shares post with their neighbor a gun shop, Going north on 309 it is after Produce Junction and before Zotos Diner, on the left Enter from the back. BTW- it has been totally redone since its Mazzeo's days.

HOWEVER, don't pay any attention to the hours that are posted. CALL FIRST. We also went on a Weds evening at 5:30 pm and they were closed although menu says they are open until 8 pm. Discussed thus with owner/waitress today and was told as they "get off the ground they don't like hanging around on slow nights and if there are no customers they leave. They are definitely there later on Friday and Saturday nights."
I question the wisdom of this management decision as a way to grow a business. Would like them to post hours they will actually be there even if it is just for weekend business.
I believe this to be a new little food trasure in the area and hope poor management decisions don't cause it to fail.

Oct 02, 2011
rg818 in Philadelphia

Know of a good Reading area restaurant for Thanksgiving?

What a great suggestion! I was there for a wedding several years ago and loved it. I had no idea they hosted Thanksgiving Dinner. Reservations are made and Mom and I are looking forward to it. Thanks Katiedid!

Nov 22, 2010
rg818 in Pennsylvania

Know of a good Reading area restaurant for Thanksgiving?

I'd like to take my elderly mother out for Thanksgiving Dinner when I visit her Thanksgiving. I haven't lived in the area for years and Mom is not up to speed on area restaurants. Please save me from Thanksgiving dinner at her assisted living center. (Mom is in Shillington so we can travel to the Lancaster area also if we have to)

Nov 21, 2010
rg818 in Pennsylvania

Lunch in Radnor?

I have worked there for 2 years and I am still looking for the same thing! Best is 333 Belrose-- good but not great. Pleasant setting. Lots of places look good in the area but the food is uneven. Most of us go to Bertucci's or Tango in Bryn Mawr.
For a little hole in the wall for a unique hot dog...Try Johnnie's Dog House.

Apr 22, 2010
rg818 in Philadelphia

Any good Restaurant suggestions near the Walnut St Theater?

Going to the Walnut St.Theater in Phila this Saturday and looking for suggestions of any kind of restaurant within walking distance of the theater. BYOB would be a plus. Thanks!

Apr 20, 2010
rg818 in Philadelphia

Revisiting Second-Rate Snacks

It has been a long time since I've been to the Walnut St Theater. Going Sat and would like a restaurant recommendation within easy walking distance. Any type of food as long as it's good. BYOBs a plus...

Apr 20, 2010
rg818 in Features

Big disappointment in Stockton , NJ

Visited the Stockton Inn on Saturday night for the first time with much excited anticipation. As we approached we thought we were in dining heaven. It is built into the side of a mountain with two waterfalls to the side of beautifully landscaped layered decks. On this nice Summer evening, they had a wonderful jazz band playing on the upper deck. What a great setting! However the dining experience was awful. First the bartender prepared the worst Mojito I ever had. Just tasted like rum and club soda with a sprig of mint. My partners Martini was barely passable. Then the rolls..hard dry nuggets. My crab cakes were cold, overly seasoned and appeared and tasted to have been in the refrigerator for at least a couple of days. My dining companion's crab au gratin was acceptable. Aftter dinner I ordered a Melonball that was also incorrectly prepared by the bar. I don't know if it was just our unlucky day,but it was a shame that a restaurant that has so much going for it can't get the main event right!

Aug 21, 2007
rg818 in Mid-Atlantic