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Celebrity spotting, hockey players AND good eats. Possible?

Any tips for a great restaurant to take visitors from Europe who hope to see a celebrity or two?

Cheesemongers in TO . . . any hidden gems?

If you want to taste what Oka used to taste like when it had personality IMHO, try Mont Jacob from Quebec. Creamy, semi-firm and just a bit of that delectable pungent savoury flavour. You can get it at About Cheese, All the Best and Grain, Curd and Bean on Dundas West.

About Cheese
3467 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N, CA

Cheesemongers in TO . . . any hidden gems?

toveggiegirl, I think your magic creamy sweet blue cheese is Torta. Made in Italy, wrapped in foil, sometimes the rind under the foil is a bit orange-y. It is layered, Mascarpone and a sweet Gorgonzola and it is truly gorgeous. Dessert on a plate.