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Atlanta Cooking Classes

I always enjoy the Simple Abundance classes. Chefs from popular local restaurants donate their time and ingredients, and the proceeds go to the Food Bank. The classes are at Cook's Warehouse, which has other good classes and several "hands on" classes.

Mar 05, 2013
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Great new addition to Decatur--No. 246 for Italian

I like it. It's more of a neighborhood, casual joint vs. going to No. 246 or Cakes and Ale, which are more upscale and for "foodies".

But Sapori is a run by a family from Naples. You order at the counter and then they bring the dinner to you. It's very family friendly, a bit loud, and it has a nice outdoor patio.

Feb 21, 2013
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Recommendations for a Business / private room dinner in Downtown ATL?

I went to a great dinner a while back in the private room at One Midtown Kitchen. It's in midtown vs downtown, but room had a great view and food/wine/service was great.

Jan 17, 2013
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Please help me decide - or give me more choices

I'd agree with the Marta suggestion to Decatur. Quick, easy, and safe. Favorites: Iberian Pig, No. 246, and Cakes and Ale. Plus you can walk around and shop.

Jan 13, 2013
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Atlanta Restaurants - please help narrow down my list!

Hi, Umieesa...did you already visit? If not, here's my two cents.

I'd go to Farmburger any day over Flip. Farmburger has a kid's menu, and the Buckhead location has similar trendy milkshakes (minus the "smoke", but...). In Decatur they have root beer on tap.

And I think Mary Mac's has gotten better recently. If you need to cut, I'd do Mary Macs or Carver's or Busy Bee or Colonnade vs all of them.

And I disagree about South City Kitchen--I still really like it, and it's more upscale than your other choices. So if you're looking for a nice atmosphere along with your comfort food, it would be a change from your other choices.

Please send where you ended up and what you liked the most.

Nov 05, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Best foodie restaurant for a Sunday night?

How about Iberian Pig? They are open until 9 on Sundays. You mentioned fun...

Oct 15, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Fried Chicken Livers

South City Kitchen serves them.

May 28, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Can you get eastern North Carolina style bbq and cole slaw anywhere in Atlanta?

I am not from NC, but I was at Pig n Chik recently and I believe they did have that sauce.

I also think Burnt Fork BBQ in downtown Decatur has it. It was the vinegar with the pepper flakes, if I remember correctly.

May 16, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Atlanta for one day - lunch in Buckhead area

I would go to Anis Bistro. They have a gorgeous patio and a great lunch menu. It's a bungalow turned into a restaurant--cozy, quaint, with good food and wine. Quick cab ride from your hotel.

I also like Eclipse di Luna--great tapas and fun atmosphere. Love the sangria.

I would consider both options festive--Eclipse di Luna more so.

Apr 22, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Beyond Restaurants – Best Foodie Experiences in Atlanta

Not sure if your extended weekend hits one of these dates, but I enjoy the Simple Abundance cooking classes that benefit the Atlanta Food Bank. They normally get chefs from popular restaurants to donate time/food, and for your money you watch them cook a meal, get the recipes, enjoy wine tasting, and sample the meal. It's a nice evening. The classes are at Cook's Warehouse (3 locations ITP). Classes are small so they fill up.

Apr 10, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Spanish restaurant

I've read good reviews about Barcelona....finally going this weekend and am looking forward to it.

I do like Iberian Pig. Great atmosphere, solid cocktails, and interesting menu.

Apr 05, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Birthday Dinner for 16 year old and 6 friends

I'd choose Eclipse di Luna. Not a national chain, like so many of the restaurants around Perimeter, they have a wide variety of tapas, and they handle groups well. It's a fun, festive atmosphere with good food.

Mar 10, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Vegan Friendly Fine Dining?

I cheated and did a search of vegan friendly restaurants on Urbanspoon. From their list, I'd suggest Wisteria (one of my favorites), Woodfire Grill, Ecco, or 4th and Swift. I also wonder if Rathbun's might work for you--I often order all small plates rather than main dishes there, and there may be enough variety there for you. But I'd suggest calling first so you aren't disappointed, for any of these.

Please post where you end up and if it was good--this would be helpful info.

Mar 03, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Friday lunch in the Virginia Highlands

I second Murphy's or Atkins Park. I read that Atkins Park just celebrated 90 years--wow!

You are sure hitting two great neighborhoods for your visit--Decatur and Virginia-Highlands. Enjoy!

Feb 24, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Pickapeppa special sauces in ATL metro

I'd call Taste in Decatur--it's a little kitchen wares shop on Church St. I was looking for spicy chow-chow and couldn't find it anywhere, and Taste carried it. Another idea is World Market.

Feb 22, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Weekend in Atlanta

I think Samlev's suggestions are great.

Bluepoint is closed, sadly.

I would agree on Cakes and Ale and No. 246. You've been to Iberian Pig so you know the area--Cakes and Ale is just a few storefronts down, and just steps from the Marta train exit. You'd want reservations for either. No. 246 is the latest "it" restaurant so it's mobbed and very loud, but their pasta dishes are outstanding.

I also love Tamarind Seed in Midtown, if you like Thai. It's my favorite Thai restaurant in Atlanta.

Feb 16, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Best place to eat lobster in Atlanta?

I personally prefer Lobster Bar. Atlanta Fish is too loud, and the atmosphere is better at Lobster Bar (more intimate and those art-deco walls are amazing). I would imagine the lobster is the same at both places since they are sister restaurants. I haven't been to Legal SeaFood in Atlanta (enjoyed it in Boston) but had read a rather blah review in CL on it. To me, Legal is positioned for tourists who want a chain restaurant, versus locals who might become regulars. But if you go, please post your experience--maybe it's great.

Feb 13, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Buckhead: Gourmet groceries and stores with great beer selections

I really like Fresh Market on Roswell Rd. in Buckhead.

Feb 08, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Looking for great crab cakes

I think Baccanalia has the best crab cake in the city. 2nd prize for me would go to the creole mustard crab tart at Rathbun's--not a crab cake but one of my favorite options there.

Feb 07, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

"This is Atlanta"

Wisteria or Cakes and Ale. Both get even better every time I visit. Wisteria's iron skillet fried chicken with collards brings me back to my grandmother's kitchen--it's uncanny how similar the taste is. And when your friends at the table are bargaining over the last bite of blueberry cobbler (in the small bites desserts), you know it's good.

Feb 05, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Best hole in the wall in Atlanta

I second Colonnade & Matthews Cafeteria for Southern food. Vortex for burgers, Brickstore Pub for great pub food (take Marta to the Decatur Square...don't bother driving), Lee's Bakery for a fantastic pork bahn mi, and Manuel's Tavern for anything. You also might like Henri's Bakery in Buckhead--hard to call a French bakery a hole in the wall, but it's very old school Atlanta and fun to visit for a coffee and cheese straws. No Buckhead lady would throw a shower without their cheese straws & petit fours. Another gem in your area is Anis Bistro, although I hate to post it since word may get out and it will get packed.

Jan 05, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Lunch and Dinner Downtown near Aquarium/Centenial Park

My choices around the Aquarium are either Spoon, which is excellent Thai, or West Egg Cafe (fun brunch place). Both are close by and convenient.
Or if you are near the MLK area at lunchtime, head over to Fox Bros BBQ. Always crowded, but great. They have this mix of insane mac and cheese and Brunswick Stew which sounds bizarre but is fantastic.
I think any of these are better than the national chains around CNN--these give you more of a local feel. Have a great time!

Jan 05, 2012
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Whats the BEST restaurant in Atlanta area ?

Amen, Bimmertimmer! I'm also tired of reading that "nothing is as good as NYC" by a few regular posters, plus the "I lived in/visited NYC" as if that awards someone automatic food critic expertise. I lived in Colorado for 3 months, but somehow I'm not a world class skier.
I'm surprised more people don't want to eat the regional food here, too, when visiting. I normally want to try whatever food a region is known for--bbq in Kansas City, wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest, etc. Atlanta has some excellent Southern restaurants...Wisteria just being one.

Dec 28, 2011
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Fernbank Museum

We usually hit up La Fonda (on Ponce) or Osteria 832 (N. Highland--they have free parking) before a Fernbank visit.

Nov 19, 2011
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Place to Go for A Southern Thanksgiving Dinner

I'd check out South City Kitchen. They've had Southern-style Thanksgiving in previous years. I think the food and atmosphere are great.

Nov 06, 2011
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Birthday Dinner for Foodies (price and location not a factor)

I think Bacchanalia and Canoe are both great choices. I haven't been to Nikolai's Roof so can't comment there, although I have a friend from Boston who raves about it. If money is no object and it's a special night, I'd pick Bacchanalia. Not sure if you can get a reservation this late, though. If all 3 of your original choices are booked, I'd go with La Grotta (the original Buckhead location) or Cakes and Ale or ESS.

Let us know where you end up and if you liked it!

Nikolai's Roof
255 Courtland Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Nov 02, 2011
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Low to mid price birthday for foodie?

How about Fritti or Tamarind Seed? I think both these places are moderately priced, have good service, and a nice atmosphere. And really good food.

309 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307

Tamarind Seed
1175 Peachtree, NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

Nov 01, 2011
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Great new addition to Decatur--No. 246 for Italian

I finally made it to No.246 in Decatur, open about 6 weeks by Ford Fry (JCT Kitchen), and it was really, really good. So here's a new suggestion for the "should I go to ESS/Miller Union/Local 3" threads that always appear here.

The atmosphere is really nice--looks old even though it's new. It's next door to Leon's Full Service on Ponce. Weather was nice so the big windows along the front were open. It was a Monday, so the menu was the 4 course spaghetti supper, for $24/pp, and the restaurant was about half full at 6:30pm. Our party had the recommended basil pesto and the carbonara. Both were outstanding, although the pesto edged out the carbonara slightly. The salad was one of the best farm to table salads I've had in a long time. Tons of veggies--roasted brussel sprouts, radishes, cauliflower, small carrots, etc. It was dressed very lightly with balsamic dressing. And lots of parm cheese, of course. The tiny portion of tiramisu was the perfect size as dessert.

The place is mobbed on weekends so I've stayed away until now, but I believe they are now accepting reservations. We found street parking, but I think you can park in the courthouse deck for free on the weekends, near the square. Or take the Marta train and walk less than a block.

I look forward to returning. Cakes & Ale now has some good competition in the area!

Cakes & Ale Restaurant
254 W Ponce De Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030

Sep 13, 2011
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Dinner during Midtown Restaurant Week

I like Atmosphere. It's a small, cozy bunglow turned restaurant and I always have a good meal there.

Aug 24, 2011
ebennettatl in Atlanta

Dinner for One Downtown?

I'd call to confirm, but I believe the bar seats around the open kitchen at Two Urban Licks are held for walk-ins. It's bar seating all around. I think it's fun to watch the chefs cook, and the atmosphere is fun and loud--great for a solo diner. It's a very short cab ride from downtown.

Two Urban Licks
820 Ralph McGill Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30306

Jul 27, 2011
ebennettatl in Atlanta