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The Bitten Word Website

i love this blog. they do a great job of exposing the truth behind those glossy food mag recipes. some don't work very well!

Jul 11, 2015
marlakash in Food Media & News

Homemade Marshmallow Crème

ditto on missniecie. i doubled the amount of salt. great recipe!

Jun 09, 2012
marlakash in Recipes

problem with strawberry shortcake on a stick

we just returned from a long hike up in the mountains and i tried making shortcake on a stick. the problem was that when we placed our sticks over the fire, the dough just melted and sort of "oozed" off the stick, falling straight into the hot flames :(
i was using this recipe:, substituting creme fraiche for the cream. the dough was a very biscuit-like consistency - not too dry and not too sticky. what did i do wrong?
my kids ended up eating raw dough, which they claimed tasted like "yummy porridge"...


Sep 10, 2009
marlakash in General Topics

have you ever tried baking your homemade tomato sauce instead of cooking it on the stove?

my stovetop went dead (out of gas, probably) when i started to sautee the onions for my tomato sauce. i already crushed the tomatoes in the food processor, so baking them intact is out of the question.

has anyone had any success just baking the tomato sauce in a large pan in the oven? any tips?

Sep 07, 2008
marlakash in Home Cooking

have you ever tried making molten chocolate cake with no yolks?

i have this recipe that calls for two eggs and two egg yolks over equal amounts (150gram) of chocolate and butter (along with some 4.5T sugar and 2.5T flour).

this recipe is rediculously simple and turns out delicious. but seperating the eggs is a pain and i end up stuck with eggwhites i never use (no, not even for maringue or an eggwhite omelett :)

would you REALLY tell the difference if i omitted those and just use two eggs instead?


Feb 11, 2008
marlakash in Home Cooking

lemon bar trouble

hi guys
i've made these lemon bars three times already, and they turn out beautifully rich and zesty and yummy. their texture, however, is so-so.

when i really whip up the eggs (until they double in volume or so) and then add the rest of the ingredients, the baked filling turns out too light and fluffy and bubbly and is a mess to cut into neat squares.

today i tried to experiment with that and just stirred the egg mixture until it was smooth and consistent and tried not to put any air in it, so the filling would hopefully turn out smooth and creamy. but, yikes, the crust wound up on top and the filling made its way to the bottom!!

they're still delicious, but i'm wondering what i'm doing wrong. how about whipping them up till light and fluffy but omitting the baking powder? did this happen to anyone?


Dec 29, 2007
marlakash in Home Cooking

trouble with making homemade mascarpone

i tried making it using this recipe ( and nothing happened to the creme. it didn't even thicken.
i used to 250ml packs of fresh creme with 32% fat. i tried adding more lemon juice later, and even vinegar, but nothing worked.

the weirdest thing, the creme wouldn't whip afterwards. it remained completely liquid!

what am i doing wrong?!


Aug 21, 2007
marlakash in Home Cooking