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Cake mix vs. scratch

Thats because box cake mixes are chemically altered to be moist.. Read: They aren't food! They're synthetic food. I know it's easier (and to be honest I will turn to a box from time to time) but in the end they're LOADED with chemicals and essentially poisons that your body (and the bodies of those you love) were never meant to consume.

Sep 17, 2011
kristygardner in General Topics

Can I use dressers for container gardening?

Thanks for the help! I think you're right about the potential for chemicals...

I'm gonna go buy some wood and make my own planters I think. Was hoping to do it cheaply but I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing that.

Any suggestions for good wood to use? Ah! It would be so much easier to grow things if I had actual land to use.

PS. Yes, they will be outside.

Feb 28, 2011
kristygardner in Gardening

7 Things You Wanna Know About Waiters

agreed, soupsample.

Feb 27, 2011
kristygardner in Features

Can I use dressers for container gardening?

QUESTION: I've been salvaging old, used wooden dressers and thought they might work for container gardening for my lettuces, etc...... IS this okay to do? I know particle board is treated with fermaldahyde but what about solid wood?

Feb 26, 2011
kristygardner in Gardening

Anybody using Grow Bags for decktop/balcony gardening?

I've used grow bags for potatoes - they were no better/different than cheap garbage bins or any other large container of the sort. Don't waste your money on expensive bags if you can get other containers for cheaper.

PS. Mine have little side pockets from which to harvest the potatoes during the growing season, however the soil is so compacted it's like trying to dig through a wall of concrete - completely useless.

Feb 26, 2011
kristygardner in Gardening

Only Tools Don't Tip on Takeout, and Other Rules of Gratuity You Should Know

Tipping may suck but its part of our culture and if you're going to partake its your social responsibility.

Also, if the service sucks. Stop, breathe, and take a look around. If she/he is leaning on the bar, sipping a coke and chattin up the bartender while your drink is sitting there getting warm - that's reason to tip a little less and maybe mention it to your server (politely). HOWEVER, if the service sucks because there's only 2 servers working and each one has 15-20 tables and is running around like a chicken with their head cut off - cut them some slack and be friendly yet concise.

Lastly, good service/experience in a restaurant is a two way street. Both the server and the customer has to participate to make it a memorable experience. If you are sitting there, closed-mouthed, unresponsive, and/or rude - it's not exactly going to inspire the server to try to purge your life story out of you. As servers, we try to read what it is the customer wants out of the experience. If you're not participating, we're not going to make you.

PS. FYI, in any restaurant (whether you eat in or take your food out) servers have to tip the bartender(s), bussers, hosts, kitchen, and sometimes management at LEAST 3-5% of what they SELL. Therefore, if you don't tip adequately the server is PAYING to serve YOU... That's not right. And while one table/tip may not make or break the bank - if everyone thinks "Oh, my bill/tip won't make a difference", where does that leave him/her?

Nov 15, 2010
kristygardner in Features