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Lexington, Virginia dives? Good cheap eats? Local hangouts?

Taking my somewhat dysfunctional family to an overnight in Lexington, Virginia. One likes great food at any cost as long as there's plenty of wine, another wants sweet tea or diet Dr. Pepper and anything without mushrooms, and Mom thinks paying $8 for a hamburger is an insult and anyone who buys anything to drink at a restaurant is a fool when water with lemon is free.

Help. Me.

I have to take the three of them to dinner somewhere. I'm thinking local dive with decent food. Formica tables are okay. Suggestions?

Dec 13, 2012
irmaly in Mid-Atlantic

An "Old Lady" Trip to Brandywine, Need Suggestions

Thanks so much for your recommendations!

May 16, 2011
irmaly in Philadelphia

An "Old Lady" Trip to Brandywine, Need Suggestions

Hi, everyone. Taking my Mom and Aunts to the Brandywine Valley for a "mini-vacation." All ladies in their 70's and 80's. They like to eat early and cheap and local, but want good food. I'd like to take them to one of the taverns just for the adventure of it. Looking to see if anyone here can recommend a place with some decent food at decent prices? We're staying in the Chadd's Ford area. Thanks!

May 14, 2011
irmaly in Philadelphia

Special Needs Lunch in or near Charlottesville

Hi, Fellow chowhounds. I am hoping you can help.

My sisters and I are taking my elderly parents on a day trip in the general area of Charlottesville and Scottsville. While my Mom is in pretty good shape, my Dad is on oxygen so it's slow go and more driving than walking. We're going to drive the pretty countryside and look out the car windows! We want to take them somewhere for some special lunch eats in this area on a Saturday. They are not fancy eaters, but ambience a must (like an old inn with a fireplace or something along those lines). Just decent sandwiches or soups, something like that. Nothing fancy and fair prices. Can be in a town or near a town or on an old estate.

Hoping you can help and soon as we are heading out this coming weekend. Suggestions?

Mar 05, 2007
irmaly in General South Archive

Need recs for Greenville, SC bridesmaid luncheon

Hi, all fellow chowhounds! My Mom, sister and I are going to host a bridesmaid luncheon in Greenville, SC in late September. About 12 guests. Would like to find a place with some decent, reasonably-priced lunch food in either an historic setting or a restaurant where we can be in a separate room or something along those lines. Any suggestions would REALLY be appreciated. I have counted on chowhounds for years now to steer me in the right direction and they have never let me down yet. Hoping someone can help. BTW, looked at Walnut Lane Inn, Pettigru Place, and the Westin Poinsett. Any feedback on these places?

Jun 25, 2006
irmaly in General South Archive