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Need good sauce recipes for chinese stir frying (wok dishes)

To be honest, the kind of sauces you will see in Chinese stir-fries will differ by regional cooking. Cornstarch is actually pretty important as a thickener and to keep meat moist, but you could probably get similar flavors without it and try a different thickener.

I think Kian at Red Cook does a pretty good job of breaking down the art of stir-fries and offers some sauces as part of his stir-fry recipes. He also has a useful post for some of the most common ingredients in a Chinese kitchen. Here is his guide to "wet" stir-fries which may be helpful:

Nov 17, 2010
Fledge in Home Cooking

Besides the obvious pies, what will you serve for Thanksgiving dessert?

To be honest I don't generally do the traditional desserts just because my family and friends don't celebrate "proper" American Thanksgiving. But we do like the excuse to make delicious food and have a good time!

For the chocolate lovers, I'm dreaming up a persimmon chocolate tart. Maybe a gingersnap crust, some macerated persimmon with the usual warm spices, and cover that in a good dark chocolate ganache. For something lighter, I'm thinking an apple layer cake: two layers of sponge cake with bits of apple baked in sandwiching a layer of custard mixed with apple jam.

Nov 15, 2010
Fledge in Home Cooking