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Dish Bistro & Bar Pasadena

We went last night and it was almost a great meal. The food is damn near perfect. The lamb Bourguignonne was excellent. The veal stock was perfect. That is some really old school technique that so many young cooks just get wrong. All of the dishes were interesting even when they were not entirely successful, and they all displayed skill.
The restaurant itself failed miserably. The service was good, our server was spot on with all of her recommendations. I think it was the owner who greeted us, then went to sit at the bar for the rest of the evening. The music was fine, but the presence of a large bright television over the bar kept reminding me the proprietor of this place does not take dining all that seriously. Is it a bar or a dining room? Please decide. The TV should go.
The absolute worst part of our experience, the thing that kept this beautiful dining room from being a hot restaurant, were the framed posters hung haphazardly all over the walls. These were not even cool or unusual posters, just ones you might find at any campus dorm supply. Really, what did this restaurant cost to build? 100, 200 grand? And it gets decorated with 30 bucks worth of crappy posters. In an art town like Los Angeles this is inexcusable. Hire a consultant, buy or rent some art. Go to galleries, commission an artist, but do not ever put price tags on it, that is for amateurs. This is a big grown up professional restaurant and it should have its own art. That will show self respect.

Nov 13, 2010
jgraham6 in Los Angeles Area