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Any Use For Papaya seeds?

While visiting my brother in Costa Rica (must be nice, eh?) I made a lovely dish with what I had there: a nice white fish similar to halibut (I have no idea what it was), a papaya, limone and butter, sugar and salt. IF you are adventerous enough to try it, here it is! Cook the fish in one skillet, cut the papaya crosswise and brown it on both sides with a super heated skillet and a sprinkle of demmerara. Then deglaze the papaya skillet with the limone juice and swirl a pat of butter to the sweet and tart juice with some seeds left behind from searing the papaya slices. Plate the fish, arrange the papaya slices partly on the fillet, partly on the plate, spoon the sauce over both, and using a micro plane top the whole plate with a touch of the limone rind. Outstanding fare with the sweet of papaya, sour of limone, and pepper of seeds, and it is colorful and lovely to look at. What more can we ask for? Btw, papayas here are LOUSY compared to the ones there!

Best to you!


Nov 12, 2010
sewgirl in Home Cooking