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Where to find/buy Crabapples?

That's good to know about Keown Orchards. I was hoping to make a crabapple jelly (possibly also a spiced syrup) with them.

Where to find/buy Crabapples?


Found a wonderful crabapple recipe that I wanted to try out. Does anyone know where there are any crabapple trees around Boston (particularly Somerville/Cambridge) or of any vendors at the farmer's markets that might sell some?


553 Palmer Ave, Falmouth, MA 02540

Raw Quinoa?


I just made a batch of parsnip cookies (yum!) but I'm a total doofus and forgot to cook the quinoa that I put in the recipe. I googled it and it seems like raw quinoa can mess up your stomach pretty bad...but would they be okay if it was baked in these cookies? I ate one and it tasted so good that I really don't want to throw them away. The raw quinoa was kind of crunchy and reminded me a lot of using raw millet seed in some muffins.

Mar 18, 2011
artofdescribing in Home Cooking

Help - Avocado Tea Cake Recipe?

That's a good idea! From the density of the one I tried I had a suspicion it used buttermilk in the recipe...

Mar 05, 2011
artofdescribing in Home Cooking

Help - Avocado Tea Cake Recipe?

Thanks for links! I think these recipes are more "cake" than "tea cake" though...but ew omg on the mayonnaise cake! That's hilarious...

Mar 05, 2011
artofdescribing in Home Cooking

Help - Avocado Tea Cake Recipe?

I've been desperately searching for an avocado tea cake recipe after I had a bite of my friends' a few weeks ago. (She bought it from a bakery). I want to be able to bake it for my boyfriend for our anniversary...he loves avocado!

I've been able to find avocado cake and avocado bread recipes...but I think they're very different (heavier, denser, all frosted up) than what I'm looking for. The tea cake I tried was small, slightly green but otherwise had the texture/density of any other tea cake I've had before.

I'm thinking of modifying a zucchini tea cake recipe I found and swapping in the insides of an avocado for the zucchini in a recipe? What do you think? It would go something like this....

2 egg whites

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Zest of 1 orange

1/2 cup vegetable oil

3/4 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup flour

1 avocado

The recipe is adapted from the a Zucchini Tea Cake recipe in the LA Times.

Mar 05, 2011
artofdescribing in Home Cooking

Yogurt Maker Help!

I have a Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker and I made a batch earlier today. After ten hours (the normal incubation time I use) I went to turn off the machine and take the yogurt out. However, I realized that I'm a complete moron and put the lids on the jars instead of leaving them off until the yogurt is done incubating like I'm supposed to. The yogurt looks okay....a little runnier than usual perhaps. Did I totally mess up my batch? Is it safe to eat?

Basically just figuring out how horrendous it is to leave the lids on the jars....


Mar 04, 2011
artofdescribing in Home Cooking

CSA 2011 Share for one person?


I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a CSA subscription. This would be my first time and I'm looking for a CSA pick-up in Somerville, Medford or Cambridge. However I can't convince any of my roomies to split it with me so I would like a suggestion for a CSA that wouldn't be too much for one person. I'm not a vegetarian but I only eat meat once a week, if that. I was looking at Red Fire Farm because I like that they're organic and have an egg share option (as opposed to Farmer Dave's which is IPM) but they don't offer half shares! Do people think that Red Fire Farm share would be too much for one person?