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Piedmont, Durham

Scratch Piedmont off Your List
I’ve gone to Piedmont a handful of times each year since it opened and loved it. The ingredients were of the highest quality, the preparations skillful and the result was a fantastic meal.
All of that is gone. I walked in last and noticed very few familiar faces on the staff, less in the kitchen. The menu has lost focus. It’s now a hodge-podge of “hot” ingredients (ancho chiles and quinoa) and techniques. As a result it’s difficult to put together a coherent meal with all the different flavors and approaches.
The portions have become miserly. The oh-so tired “squeeze bottle” presentation has shown up.
I was served a portion of pork loin that consisted mainly of fat and connective tissue. I would never have served it to a guest in my home.
I don’t really mind that they’ve dumbed down the wine list, but the wines in the various categories don’t make a lot of sense.
More important, they don’t taste very good; at least the 3 we sampled. How hard can it be to go down to Craig and Seth’s find some great $15-$20 bottles and double the price?
Piedmont also doesn’t take Amex anymore, so be prepared if you are on a business dinner.
It would have been better if they changed the name to signal a break with the past; I wouldn’t have had such high hopes dashed.

401 Foster St Ste B2, Durham, NC 27701

Nov 12, 2010
LGD98 in Southeast