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Visiting San Jose -recommendations dimsum/szechuan/bbq/cambodian/etc

Little Lou's is strictly average for BBQ (and that's Bay Area average not US average). It's a pretty small place and the music can get loud, but it's one of the few places with live music left.

The FiveThirtyEight Does Burritos

Matt Yglesias is an economist (or an economic writer); his articles say more about economics than they do about food:

good italian restaurant south bay

We like Aldo's cafe in Los Gatos. It's very casual, but can be crowded. Prices are good for LG, but would be high elsewhere. This is not Aldo's Restaurant in Vasona Station which I don't like as much.
Note that when you order pasta here - you get pasta - not a dinner so you may want to order a salad or starters.

Pacific Catch and Paul Martin- new in Mountain View- any feedback?

I have to agree. I was just in MV for lunch - very pleasant staff, good beer selection, attractive space, food was mediocre

Saratoga Dinner?

The Mint Leaf on the corner of Los Gatos Saratoga and Big Basin way is a different sort of Thai restaurant - I wouldn't call it "fusion", but it has some creative dishes, and a more white table cloth style. Lately it's been getting popular - I would reserve

Anyone tried the new Aldo's deli in Los Gatos?

Since 2008, Aldo's Cafe has gone through a number of changes. It's really a restaurant now; there may be one or two display items, but I've never seen anyone buy them. There are a number of Cal-Italian restos in LG these days, but Aldo's Cafe is one of the more Italian. The guy who runs it is from Sicily, but there is little Sicilian influence. Mostly pastas and pizzas, reasonable price, this is a cafe that gives a more SF style vibe than most of its neighbors. It's generally crowded on a weekend night with a good number of regulars. For someone in the West Valley, a good choice; not worth the trip from farther.

Best sausages and cured/smoked meats

Dittmer's has moved around the corner and is now on El Camino Real. Still has the the great European style smoked meats and sausages.

Top This! Chipotle-style pizza restaurant now open in Los Gatos

Went here Sunday - there are a lot of options for different sauces, crusts, and sprinkles in addition to the normal choices of toppings. If you have particular tastes, you could probably create a pizza to exactly your taste. Even so, it would be completely without soul. An authentic pizza might be an oxymoron, but none of the teens staffing this joint are going to care if your pizza comes out perfect or meh.

NEW: Steins Beer Garden, Mtn View - Any reports?

Was there opening night. Very crowded so it's a little rough to make a judgement, but the beer was good enough. I think you can get better beer at the hot dog stand on the corner of Castro and California. Food that I had was good bar food for a fairly expensive bar.

overall, it was more of scene than a culinary experience, but that may well be what they were shooting for.

Fried Chicken South of San Francisco

The best fried chicken I've had in the South Bay was at Sumika in Los Altos -> it was on the lunch menu - not sure if it's served for dinner. Sumika has a number of other Japanese dishes. I was taken there by a Japanese ex-pat - he thinks it is quite authentic.

Where to eat near San Francisco State

My son spent 2 years at SFSU, and we ate at Hall of Flame the most. My son should have probably taken better advantage of Dad paying - this is not an expensive place.

Ideas for kid-friendly Monday lunch options in South Bay?

Some very good ramen houses particularly in the part of San Jose closest to Saratoga. My kids always liked noodles when they were small. Very easy to find myriad recommendations from people who can speak more authoritatively than me with a quick search.

Just moved to Mountain View from New York. Help an east coast hound find his new favorite haunts!

For wine, I like Artisan Wine Depot, 2 shops in Mountain View. They're young people, to me at least; who really like wine, but focus on value rather than snob appeal.
Also very Mt View is the corner of Rengstorff and Middlefield, where you'll find Taco La Bamba, and La Coste~na side-by-side for great tacos.

Little Star Pizza, SF now has a South Bay Campbell location called Blue Line Pizza!

Within the last three months, both Blue Line and Patxi's opened within a mile or so of each other in Campbell. Campbell pizza got a whole lot better quickly. After trying both places once each, I give the slight nod to Blue LIne, but both pizzas were better than anything else around. And both menus allow for plenty of experimentation. Now we'll have a tough time trying to decide which pizza to get.
On a non-food note - I went to Blue LIne on a rainy day, put my collapsible umbrella down while we waited for a table, and , in the time it took for me to get my family beers, someone stole it. I'm not blaming the restaurant if their patrons are thieves; after all, downtown Campbell is not a high-crime district.

Cal-Mex lunch between SFO airport and San Jose?

Aqui is too individual to be the example of any genre. It's a go to place for me as it offers high quality food with inventive combinations of various Pacific Rim cuisines, but it's completely inauthentic as a Mexican restaurant and not trendy enough to be a "californian" resto. They cut out all the trappings and focus on getting the price down to every day meal levels. Excellent entrees can usually be found for under $10. I'd say it's more a place for locals to eat regularly than for visitors to get a great feel for SF Bay Area Mexican. I'd tip my hat to the La Bamba empire in Mountain View for that.

Burger and Fries in SF, $10?

We like the Hall of Flame out on 19th in the shadow of ParkMerced. You can definitely get out of there for less than $10 if you don't get beer.

Hall of Flame
73 Cambon Dr, San Francisco, CA 94132

Fisherman's Wharf

We saw Butterfly on Check Please thought it looked good and tried to drop in. Apparently many others had seen the same show, so we were sent across the street to Hillstone. While it is part of the Hillstone chain with Houston's (as is Rutherford Grill), I think there is a fair amount of variation between spots. Upshot is: we were quite happy and I agree that this would be a place both Mom and 16 year old can find something they will like.

Rutherford Grill
1180 Rutherford Rd, Napa, CA 94558


long-time devotee of Falafel Drive-In, just tried Sunrise Deli (in the Sunset) for the first time. I agree about the pita - some of the Greek places in the South Bay have what I would like for pita. As far as the falafel balls themselves - I still put FDI #1, the hot sauce just takes it over the top. I enjoyed the pickled turnip and the seasoning at Sunrise, coming in 2d to FDI is no disgrace.

Falafel Drive-in
2301 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

Sunrise Deli & Cafe
2115 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122