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Early breakfast near Pearson airport

absolutely Zet's.

Good food around Pearson airport?

are you referring to Golden Asian on Rexdale Rd between Kipling and Martingrove? The Dry Chili Chicken is my favorite dish but they're ALL good imo. Best lunch deal in the area forsure.

Best bets for Thanksgiving dinner 2014?

yeah and they'll also kick you out after 60 minutes

Best of Danforth Thread

My two cents:

Best Indian - I think Sher-E Punjab is the only Indian option. Not great but not bad either.

Best Italian - 7 Numbers without question. Libretto is good too but its not much more than pizza.

Best Thai - yuk.

Best Chinese - Danforth Dragon! Crispy Beef and Singapore Vermicelli are TOP SHELF.

Best Mexican - meh

Best Pub - Brass Taps! I would say Auld Spot for food but its not really a Pub. Gastro-Pub maybe?

Best Meal under $100 - for my money, would be Auld Spot.

Best Wings - Auld Spot

Best Pizza - Big House

Best Greek - For me it would prob be Ouzeri. But I'm Greek so I eat at Mama's!

Question about Rowe Farms

All good points CV. John retired and as such they no longer have the St. Lawrence farmers market spot. A local fisherman has moved into that spot.

Simone's Caribbean Restaurant, 596 Danforth Ave

YES - the Ackee & Saltfish is soo good there. Buttery goodness with Johnny Cakes to sop up the juice.

I am taking a break from this place though because we've been two Fridays in a row and both times it took an hour to get our food.

While the food is great, I just cant justify waiting an hour for it.

Question about Rowe Farms

Yes, but there are no Costcos even remotely close to Leslieville. Add a car + insurance + gas and you would need added comp. In Leslieville the candidate could WALK to work....

Question about Rowe Farms

Did anyone take the job? Comp is always negotiable.

Question about Rowe Farms

Met John Rowe couple weeks ago at the Farmer's Market across from St. Lawrence - Saturday Morning. Nice Man. We chatted about sustainability and local, natural meats from 'happy' animals who are grass fed. The deal as he explained it is that organic feed is just not financially viable within their business model however the feed is grain/corn-free. All animals are grass fed and free of antibiotics and hormones. They graze like they did back in the day and are well socialized, healthy and sleep well.

I'm a grass-fed meat convert. It really is better. If you have questions about Rowe Farms, get your behind over to the market on a Saturday morning and ask for John.

Simone's Caribbean Restaurant, 596 Danforth Ave

YES! Love this place, been twice now plus a take out order! Excellent Jerk Chicken and prices are really reasonable ... when was the last time you saw a $1 item on a menu??? Did I mention they're really friendly too? Wish them luck in an unlucky spot.

Best price on Parmesan in West end?

I saw parm regg on sale at I've seen lately.

Non-Chain Lunch in Oakville

Trying A1 this week. Thanks!

Non-Chain Lunch in Oakville

I've been frequenting Starskys and I gotta say I am in love with the place. No more driving to Denningers. Thank you!

Patty and Franks Greek Town


Using TTC from Don Mills & Sheppard - HELP.

if you're into Jamaican food, the jerk pork at Mr. Jerk in the Peanut Plaza is the best I've ever had in Toronto.

NEW Best Pizza in Toronto Thread

BIG HOUSE PIZZA at Danforth & Donlands definitely has my vote!

Non-Chain Lunch in Oakville

So I will be working around Winston Churchilll and Dundas for the next few months, and I am extremely unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

Looking for some suggestions on good places to grab a takeout lunch within a 5 minute drive of the area. Eating daily at Panera Bread is killing the wallet ... TIA!

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

Golden Asian Cuisine @ Kipling & Rexdale is my go-to for a quick, tasty lunch when at the office.

My personal favorite is the dry chili chicken with veg and steamed rice. Comes with a spring roll and choice of soda for $8 plus tax/tip.

Very generous portions & friendly staff.

New Pizza Joint at Donlands and Danforth - Big House Pizza

Shared a LG 'John Candyed Ham' with my wife and 2 yr old son last weekend on the recommendation of a neighbor. Pizza was very tasty but a bit on the salty side, although considering toppings consisted of cheese and cured meats it's probably a worthless nit pick. Crust was the winner hands down. I avoid wheat at all costs but this crust is an exception. As light as a crispy cream donut, and spectacular with a coffee the morning after I will DEFINITELY return.

Staff were great and funny. My kinda place. To top it all off, while you're waiting for your pie you can hop over to The Only next door for a cold pint of a local microbrew. I love my neighbourhood.

Dodgiest looking restaurant you've been to but turned out to be a winner (or least better than expected)


Dodgiest looking restaurant you've been to but turned out to be a winner (or least better than expected)

Best jerk pork in Toronto. Fair prices. Jerk Pork on coco bread was a staple during formative years.

Best Doughnuts in Toronto

Epi Bread on Bayview makes the best sugar donut I've ever had.

Zucchini flowers?

Are you looking to buy them fresh or eat them at a restaurant? I had them at 7Numbers Danforth a while back and they were excellent.

What's the best sports bar on the Danforth?

Danforth is lacking in the sports bar category imho. Brass Taps is usually my default, because the grub is good and there's almost always a good special.

Gabby's just east of Pape on the south side isn't all bad, but the food lacks and the tv's are just OK ... not sketchy like the surrounding spots on that strip.

Theee best crispy beef in the GTA

I 3rd this! Danforth Dragon crispy beef is the best I've tried since Helena'a at Steeles/Laureleaf closed down.

woody's burgers bar and grill in etobicoke ...

I had the worst experience at Woody's today over my lunch hour. We showed up at about 12:30, we were a party of four. It took 30 minutes for three of us to be served, which is ridiculous for burgers and fries IMO. After 45 minutes MY lunch still had not arrived, and at this point I was due back at work. Everyone in my group commented to me how it was incredibly rude that nobody from the staff tried even acknowledged that they had completely forgeotten about my order, or try to rectify the situation after I brought it to their attention TWICE! They even gave me a pager!! Upon my request due to sheer frustration, the cashier refunded my money and we went on our merry way. I am completely flabbergasted at the lack of customer service at this restaurant. They could have made me a happy customer by buying my lunch or even giving me a coupon to come back for a burger on the house. But no, nothing.

I recommend anyone who values good service to avoid this establishment at all costs. There are simply too many burger joints in this city to risk wasting your time with this one.

Casual but trendy Leslieville Bar

Need to expand my horizons and venture south fo the Danforth ... Any ideas? Crowd is late 20's to early 30's. No dives please.


ISO AYCE establishment serving cooked chicken hearts..

Jerusalem Mix @ Me Va Me - Bathurst & Steeles is very good ... (chicken heart & livers)

Grocery Chains - Favourites?

Longos wins hands down for fresh meat & produce. buy your dry goods/non-perishables from the cheapest supplier. I usually take everyones weekly flyer and get my things price matched at a walmart for one-stop shopping.

Good "Chow" near Air Canada Ctr?

I second that ... great food and brews. highly recommend the pulled pork primanti