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Best quality sushi in San francico

I completely agree about Kiji....small but quality. Also Ebisu on 9th Ave. near Irving...

What's the Deal with Juicing?

The best "quality for the price" is buying fruits & veggies at farmer's markets and doing it yourself! I invested in a Vitamix and use it nearly daily. It's quite an investment but it'll pay for itself quickly as buying juices on a daily basis can add up quickly.

May 20, 2013
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Upper Haight's Latest Artisan Food Shop

A great store and an excellent addition to the Haight!!!!

Jul 02, 2012
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Argentine Grilled Chicken

I split my chicken much like spatchcocking and I prepare the chicken with a dry rub similar to the rub in your Baby Back Ribs recipe. I weigh the chicken flat by using a foil-covered brick set on a cookie sheet.

Jun 09, 2011
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Yuba tofu skin- where to buy?

Yes...I first tasted green noodles at a demo at Nijiya. I'm not sure about the other two groceries in J-Town but I recommend checking them out!

Yuba tofu skin- where to buy?

I second the green noodles...tasty, healthy & relatively inexpensive. I bought some at Canyon Market near the Glen Park BART station for $1.79. I've also bought it in JapanTown.

Canyon Market
2815 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA

Can't-miss Bay Area cheese mongers?

In the City I really like Rainbow & Bi-Rite. I hope the Cheese Shop on Divisidero that was kicked out by his landlord opens a new shop. I'm also a big fan of Oliver's Markets in Sonoma County.

Oliver's Market
560 Montecito Center, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Smoked Turkey

I only cook turkey on my Weber. The smoked gravy is awesome & the smoked carcass makes the best turkey stock/soup...esp. good for gumbo!!

Nov 18, 2010
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Take No Prisoners Hot Sauce

@ 2shisolovely - your link didn't work.

Nov 16, 2010
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