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Emma's Ale House, on Gedney Way where Sunset Grille was [split from another thread]

Ok, thanks. I read the original post and saw the word "supposedly" about a bar so I was hoping for something better. I guess not.

Emma's Ale House, on Gedney Way where Sunset Grille was [split from another thread]

What has taken the place of Sunset Grille on Gedney way?

Best Grand Sichuan

Which one has hot pot?

Oct 30, 2008
shanghaiknights in Manhattan

Looking for Peking duck w/ mantou (fluffy buns) not pancakes

I've seen it like this in both Shanghai and Yunnan Province

Oct 15, 2008
shanghaiknights in Manhattan

Move over Sal's, All ' Antica Pizza in Scarsdale!

Just had dinner. It was great! We had one plain slice. Loved the reversed cheese and sauce, it was a great thin slice. We also had the eggplant, basil, and gorgonzola slice. That was great as well. The owner's could not have been nicer! A great place, will definitely be back.

Has anyone been to Aja on 6th?


My girlfriends and I decided that we wanted a fun night out. Has anyone been to Aja on 6th? What do you think of it?

Thank You!

Jun 18, 2008
shanghaiknights in Manhattan

Asian Fusion?

Hi Everybody,

We have a big celebration coming up. We would love to go to a big, elaborately designed asian fusion restaurant. Last year we went to Tao and would like something similar. Buddha bar, Buddhakan, Spice Market...? Any preferences or suggestions?

Thank You!!

May 08, 2008
shanghaiknights in Manhattan

Boe at 324

Relatives had a dinner party there with about thirty guests. Everyone loved it! The food was excellent, and the service was great. The owners are also smart businessmen. They got a lot of new diners because of this party, so they invited the hosts back with two friends for a dinner on the house. Highly recommended.

Delivery in Scarsdale

Japanese- Kirari in Scarsdale, or Toyo in Mamaroneck delivers. Toyo is better, but it depends where in Scarsdale you live for a delivery.

Pizza/Italian-Italian Village, Amore, Cassano's, A'mangiare (they just changed the name, not sure of the new one), Mezza Luna, Pizza Station.

Chinese-Hunan Village 2 (very expensive). Seven woks (take out only). And then there are the fast food Chinese places like Chop Stix and SE Asia Cuisine.

I know Metro Diner used to deliver, I'm not sure if they still do. It is more of an upscale Greek diner than an older style greasy spoon.

Indian-not sure about delivery places, but Bengal Tiger in white plains does take out.

I hope that helped. Anything more specific you are looking for?

Shanghainese Food...

Thank you all very much for responding!
True, not all of the food was Shanghainese, but I did eat it there so I decided to ask about it. And the infamous #6 was as obscure to us as it was to you. We didn't order the food, we just ate it :)
Xie Xie!

Bubble Tea in the Westchester

it's quite weird. it was like a cream frappachino with tapioca in it

Shanghainese Food...

When I was in shanghai this summer, there were a lot of things ordered for us that I don't know the names of. I know it is difficult but when I go to China town in New York i try to find authentic shanghainese food. Could somebody tell me the names of these dishes?

1. there were soy beans (edameme) with tough, thinly sliced rough white squares. I think they were bean curd. In a clear, warm sauce. One of my favorite dishes!

2. vegetables in a yellowish curry

3. fried tiny little pieces of chicken, with bones, served with hot peppers in a whicker basket.

4. I think it might be cantonese: dim sum, bbq pork in a puffy pastry, and vegetables wrapped in a wide rice noodle

5. what is the difference between sichuan tofu and home style tofu?

6. a meat dish with onions wrapped in tin foil

7. A fried rice with only 4 or 5 ingredients

8. cucumber with garlic (cold)

9. shrimp balls

10. a dessert rice. purple, with a thick center, and some colorful things on top.

I know, I sound like i know nothing about Shanghai, but I really do! If you could please help me with the names of some of these dishes I would greatly appreciate it!

I'm sure there will be more to come when I think of it. ^.^

xie xie!

Sandwich/Soup/Salad place near Westbury, LI

I second Kitchen Kabaret!!! they have everything there, and it is all so good.

Larchmont/Mamaroneck Dinner

Hi all,
I'm looking for a medium priced restaurant for dinner tomorrow night in larchmont or mamaroneck. In advance, we've been to chat 19, toyo, sals, encore, and zitoune. We've heard turquoise is good. We would prefer something like chat 19...
thank you!!!

Birthday Steak Dinner - Westchester or NYC?

Manhattan is of course, the best. I recommend BLT, Del Friscos, or Sparks. The new BLT in WP is supposed to be good though. When is your birthday? The family is hosting a party there in a few weeks and can tell you how it went...don't know if that will be too late though.

Best of Westchester: Delis

reccomend buon amici. bestttttt paninis

A GOOD ShangHai Noodles Place

hahha by shanghai cuisine i meant shanghai cafe!!! :)

Cupcakes or Different Wedding Cake

I know it's quite far, but I highly recommend Lulu's P√Ętisserie in Scarsdale, NY. Their cupcakes are to die for. So are their cakes. I had them at my younger sisters bat mitzvah about 5 years ago. Everytime I come home from college there is a cupcake waiting for me. (PS, its the only dessert I eat). The decorations are out of this world. Jay (owner/baker) ships weekly to celebrities for their sugar fix. They are famous!!!!!

A GOOD ShangHai Noodles Place

I'm not sure about a noodle shop. I highly reccomend Shanghai Cuisine in chinatown for shanghainese food. great XLB. Joe's Shanghai is also famous down there.
good luck!

Hunan Village

could someone please scan a menu?

Hunan Village

Have a friend of a friend who tried it last night. However, not a true hound. In fact, a teenage boy who likes...anything as long as its food. Only comment was portions were smaller than k fungs. I'll follow up..

Sushi in Westchester

I second the vote for Toyo. It's right in the town of Mamaroneck, next to the playhouse, nearly across from Sal's. I've had great sushi every time I go, and they also have good cooked food.

Hunan Village

I came onto this board to write about Hunan II! I saw it last night and hoped it would be of some connection to the old Hunan Village. Has anyone confirmed if they are related?

Shanghainese Chinatown

I Just spent the summer in Shanghai and would like to take my family out for some real Shanghainese food. Is anyone able to reccomend some good Shanghainese restaurants in Chinatown? It would be for lunch, and if they have Shanghainese dim sum that would be preferable. Thank You!!!

Aug 20, 2007
shanghaiknights in Manhattan