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Boynton Beach?

Sweetwater is at Woolbright and Federal. I like it better than The Living Room. It's upscale with an eclectic clientele, good food, great bar.

Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

We ate at Jerk O last night and as usual, it was amazing. We shared a couple of dishes and some beers.

Palm Beach county closings 2015

I wonder if the chef that opened the place moved on pretty early. I ate there a few times, the first was a soft opening and the lionfish tacos were great. I think I ate there 3-4 times first few weeks and it was good, only once for dinner though. I didn't get around to post a review until a month or so after my last meal.

The location wasn't the best and yes I agree that the service was a bit scatterbrained at dinner.

West Palm New Sushi--Pat Gogo

After years of mediocre sushi, I've finally visited a place that is better than the run of the mill sushi restaurants in the area.

Before I continue, I must first admit that I became a very spoiled sushi critic in the early 2000's. I discovered an excellent sushi restaurant in Plantation called Takeyama. I worked nearby and became a regular of Chef Kenny, often enjoying lunch and dinner there. As a result I've compared every sushi I've had since Kenny retired and have yet to find any in South Florida that has equaled Takeyama. Nobu is the closest but Kenny's engaging personality has kept his restaurant the best in my eyes.

Since my spoiling I've simply accepted the mundane sushi in the area. I still eat it frequently, but as I said, every time I do I look back to Takeyama.

I'm happy to report I really enjoyed my visit the other night to Pat Gogo. It's on Forum Place behind the Palm Beach Outlets. It's brightly decorated with a friendly staff, and the sushi is a step above what I've found in the area. The chef is creative, offering some unique combinations not typically found in the area. I started out with a delicious wonton soup. It offered a flavorful broth with chicken-filled dumplings. The dumplings were good but the filling could have used a bit more spice. For my meal I enjoyed the Ann Salmon roll. I've never had sundried tomatoes in sushi before and it really works in this roll.

I was alone so that was the extent of my meal but I am looking forward to exploring more of the menu soon.

If you're near the Outlets, try it out and let me know what you think.

Palm Beach county closings 2015

I ate at the Jupiter location a couple of times. Decent lobster roll but the fried stuff was too greasy. Still it wasn't a bad option when you needed a Bawstun fix.

I guess the handwritten sign on the wall looking for investors for the WPB location was an indication that it wasn't doing well.

Palm Beach county closings 2015

We liked it there too. However, the CL in Chicago was much better for some reason.

Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach- 1 week vacation

For a unique Delray experience I would recommend Bamboo Fire for gourmet Island food. Make a reservation as it is very small. My kids love it!

Eataly Coming to Miami/Brickell

Eataly is amazing. We were in Chicago last summer for a month and went into Eataly several times a week. This is a major score for Miami.

Sybarite Pig boca raton

Sadly I have to agree with the other two posters who've tried the Sybarite Pig recently. I too do not enjoy the smoke (from the kitchen) inside. It's been smokey like that every time I've went in there. And the food had deteriorated as well. A shame, what was once great and unique is now average.

Palm Beach County openings 2015

Grommet's Tavern in Juno has been open a few weeks now. It's just north of Donald Ross on US 1 in Loggerhead Plaza. I'll post a review but a few lunches and a dinner have been great so far...

Palm Beach County openings 2014

Don't waste your time. I've been to a Red Robin and their hamburgers are roughly the same as a Denny's. Plenty of great burger joints in SoFla already....

Need Palm Beach Brunch Ideas

Best brunch in Palm Beach is the Sundy House but that's a 15-20 minute hike from the Norton. Nick and Johnnie's is over the bridge from the Norton and I've heard they have breakfast there but haven't been personally. I also don't know if they do brunch. Also, a short drive south from the Norton is John G's. It's not a traditional brunch but their breakfast is top-notch.

Pompano Beach- Need help!

CFByrne has it covered. I've been to all those places. I have to apologize in advance because it's a chain, but my favorite place in Pompano is Houston's. Great menu and service and the location is right on the water at Atlantic and the Intracoastal.

Barracuda Bar and Seafood, Deerfield Beach

Yesterday morning I was reading the Sun Sentinel and saw their review for this place. The wife and I decided we would try it out for a late lunch/early dinner. It's a couple spots down from the Whale's Rib, the address is 1965 NE 2nd St.

We really liked our meal here. Service was great; the waitress explained that the chef goes out to get the groceries everyday so some things--like the vegetable choices--change daily.

Our experience with Brazilian food has been of the steakhouse variety, like Chima. This is a seafood place although the menu is pretty extensive with. My wife had the pumpkin stuffed with shrimp and I had the baked salmon. Both entrees came with a really nice vegetable medley of squash, zucchini and bok choy, and also a side of white rice. Both meals were excellent; I have to admit I like hers better than mine.

Go check it out Chowhounders and let us know what you think!

Best Breakfast Near FLL?

Without a doubt Grampa's blows away anything mentioned here already. Trust me on this.

Papa's Tapas, Delray Beach - Casual Spanish-Caribbean Cuisine in Pineapple Grove

Restrooms were clean. Like you I scope them out to get a feel for the place. Annie is on top of everything, no worries.

Papa's Tapas, Delray Beach - Casual Spanish-Caribbean Cuisine in Pineapple Grove

Glad you liked it CFB. I'll probably be there next Tuesday for lunch.

Papa's Tapas, Delray Beach - Casual Spanish-Caribbean Cuisine in Pineapple Grove

Thanks CFB.

I went back today for lunch. Annie, the owner, strolled right over to say hello. She even remembered my name. I was really pleased with that because it is those kinds of touches that make a difference for a family-run restaurant. I saw they had posted here but it looks like the post got deleted, maybe a Mod clipped it. I am pleased to say my second experience was as good as the first; food and service was superb.

Today I had the grilled Basi with rice, beans and plantains. Another great meal. No eye candy today but the food was awesome. I was texting a few of my foodie friends to tell them we would be dining here soon.

I could see a few paella pans on the side wall, I would love to try some paella from this place.

Good job Annie--I'll be back soon.

Papa's Tapas, Delray Beach - Casual Spanish-Caribbean Cuisine in Pineapple Grove

I had lunch here today. Got in right around 1:00, was greeted at the door and I sat at the bar. Drink order took about 5 minutes but the place was slammed, so that was acceptable. While the service was a bit slow, I got in and out in about 45 minutes which is reasonable to me.

I couldn't decide between the Basa or the pork sandwich but my server recommended the sandwich which I got. Great recommendation. While I waited I tried a red sangria which was very good. It was basic sangria, nothing fancy, but I liked it. Very generous portion as well. While I was eating the owner came and checked on me, we spoke for a bit. Always a nice touch when the owner asks how your meal is. After my sandwich I got a cortadito which was phenomenal. Based on the service, food and decor, I will be back.

Decor--I really like the styling, minimalist with good colors. I like the sangria pitchers all over the place, their earthenware color is a nice contrast to the colors in the restaurant.

I was seated at the bar next to an attractive blonde. She had been waiting quite some time for her food. Turns out she sold them the order entry system and the system did not print her ticket in the kitchen. They had her food out within about 3 minutes after she said something. She told the owner to report the issue so it could be looked at. That is the kind of thing that happens with a startup so they get a pass from me.

As I said I will be back. Hope I run into the blonde again, she was nice eye candy!

Papa's Tapas, Delray Beach - Casual Spanish-Caribbean Cuisine in Pineapple Grove

Interesting reviews; I'll try and grab lunch there this week.

Delray Dinner In The Sky - dining pod hoisted 180 feet in the air!

I'd be interested but I'll be in Gainesville that day.

Delray - 50 Ocean - any opinions?

Met a friend from out of town a few weeks back and we had lunch here. It was really good. I had a salad with chicken and I loved it. Beautiful inside and the ocean view is fantastic. I would recommend it.

The Little House - Boynton Beach

Ate here a final time last week. I don't think I will go back. I finally got that BBQ pork sandwich and while it was good, I had a couple of thoughts while eating and on my way home.

First, they don't really "cook" anything here. They nuke the stuff they prepare in their commercial kitchen. I don't know why but I have a problem with this. The food is good but not as good as freshly-prepared stuff. IMO the microwave minimizes the cooking.

Second, I am not happy with the menu. The only real standout is the chicken and dumplings. After owning a place like Havana Hideout, I am surprised the owner settled on such a crappy menu. There is variety and it all seems centered around comfort food, but there is just not a lot of creativity with the menu. The food they are offering right now is simply just OK and given her past success and creativity, I have a higher expectation from her. What she has now seems like a cop out to me.

I actually like the Little House as a bar. Let me restate that. The environment just screams "BAR" to me. The setting--where it is at, the interior and exterior decor--would be perfect for a bar. They have great sangria and a bunch of great beers on tap, along with a huge big screen. They already promote the bar aspect so maybe they are shifting in that direction. I think a bar with a small contingent of bar food will fare better than what they have now.

The Little House - Boynton Beach

Ate there again recently. Unfortunately they were ouf of the BBQ pork sandwich which I wanted to try. I get the impression they run out of stuff frequently. They probably bring most food in prepared already from her production kitchen. My daughters split the mac and cheese (they loved it) and my wife had the chicken and dumplings. She loved hers as well. I tried the smoked chicken and grape salad sliders and while the chicken salad itself was great, the slider buns were not. They seemed stale and one of them appeared to have some mold on it. So, a mixed review. I'll give it one more shot but probably won't return if my experience is the same.

If not Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, where?

I ate there with my family in mid-July and it was fabulous. I recommend trying it. Make sure you make a reservation as we had to wait 2 days. I want to further add that we were in Italy for 3 weeks and got our best meal here.

Aug 25, 2012
GatorFL in Italy

The Little House - Boynton Beach

I ate there Friday with my daughters. I had the chicken and dumplings and my girls shared the BBQ pork sandwich. We split the cookie plate for dessert. All of our food was fabulous and they had a great selection of soft drinks for the girls as well as a nice selection of beers for adults. The service was great, the Little House is quaint and tastefully decorated inside. I will be back soon to try more.

soft shell crabs

Riggins in Lantana has live ones.

I NEED to eat REAL BBQ in South Florida. Where do I go?

Damn Freaker I am going to the same concert,,,,,got room for me at your table?

Agliolio's in Wellington

Hi Freaker,

We have not been to Pangea. It is close though.

Yesterday we went to Agliolio again. It was awesome as usual. Both of our meals were top notch, service was excellent and a great value. The owner stopped by a couple times to say hello and to make sure our food was good. Great service means so much!

They had a 2-4-1 on drinks so I got a couple of sangrias. My wife had angel hair whole wheat pasta with pesto and I tried the chicken picatta. My wife's entree was perfect. My chicken was cooked perfectly and the sauce was dead on--creamy, not too sour and not too salty. I got the vegetable medley which is my favorite thing there.

Go check it out and let me know what you think!

Coolinary Cafe in Jupiter

I concur with every thing you have written. As an additional comment--the staff helps each other out. We had our main server, and an expeditor that brought our meals. A different server topped our water off and another one took our plates when we were done.

If they figure out how to improve the look of the desserts, I might like it better than Leftovers. they are very close, for sure.