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Expensive and Ugly looking French Pastries at 'Patisserie La Cigogne!

Maybe I should give them another try ... it's been years since I gave up on their croissants.

Expensive and Ugly looking French Pastries at 'Patisserie La Cigogne!

Not at present, that's why I'm so sad! Recommendations encouraged.

Expensive and Ugly looking French Pastries at 'Patisserie La Cigogne!

I used to love Nadège -- not the elaborate pastries but the croissants etc. -- but I have noticed a serious falling-off in quality on Queen West. Anyone else? The last pain au chocolat I had might as well have been from Nova Era (not to diss them, they make other delicious things) -- heavy, not flakey.

Maybe good croissants are doomed on Queen West. When Clafouti opened years ago the croissants were much better than now. I was happy to pay more for Nadège's croissants after they opened but I have been disappointed too many times...

Gee, I seem to be overly emotionally invested! But I am sad. Will have to shop further afield.

Buffalo weekday lunch? Family occasion

Thanks for the info, that's very helpful. Hard to imagine patio weather this week but it has to arrive eventually!

Buffalo weekday lunch? Family occasion

Thanks, Nadala!

I have seen Bistro Europa and Seabar recommended on several blogs, too, but Trattoria Aroma is a new possibility. I will check them all out.

Do you (or any other Chowhounds) have any opinion on Mike A at the Hotel Lafayette?

Buffalo weekday lunch? Family occasion

Hello from Toronto, American neighbours!

I'm hoping you can help me find a venue for a family lunch in central Buffalo -- we'll be coming from Forest Lawn Cemetery. Many seemingly suitable places (e.g., Hutch's) seem to be closed weekdays.

It will be a group of around 8 people, average age 70, so a quiet room would be good. Patio a bonus (it'll be end of May). Any cuisine is fine, but not super-casual or bar food.

Thank you in advance for any tips!

Nadege Patisserie is Bad

I go there occasionally and have found the croissants consistently excellent, and certainly the best bet in that neighbourhood. (Clafouti had good croissants years ago, but theirs have long since degenerated into heavy, soggy crescent rolls.) At the end of last summer there was an absolutely FANTASTIC pain aux abricots. The price for these breakfasty pastries seems comparable to Thuet et al. Have also tried the sandwiches and all have been tasty. Surprised by the number of recent bad experiences.

While I find the fancier pastries unappealing in style and nearly unaffordable in price, I was treated to a complicated Valentine's mousse construction last week that was delicious. Probably wouldn't have spent $7 on it myself though!


I went last week and would certainly recommend it as a decent neighbourhood place. I wouldn't cross town for it, but we had a well-executed meal that came in at $100 all-in for two courses each plus wine.

Unlike vidkid, I was impressed with the grilling of the octopus, which was perfectly cooked. Though the accompanying bean puree was a bit bland. Pizza was decent (though not quite Libretto or Terroni). Oxtail gnocchi rich and delicious. Good portions.

Service was friendly (much more so than some Queen West spots) though not particularly polished.

Brockton General - Anyone been?

Yes, for two -- but the wine was not a big chunk of the bill. At that price point, I want either a solid meal or something that makes me think, Wow, I never could/would have made this at home! I don't want a soup/sandwich combo that is neither filling nor inspiring.

Brockton General - Anyone been?

I ate at Brockton General a few weeks ago -- on a weeknight, so only one app/main/dessert on offer -- and we found the food dull, and expensive given that we left hungry ($90 including 1/2 litre wine, tax, tip). Soup was oversalted, and the crostino came without the advertised pancetta (which helped but didn't save it when it did arrive). Service and atmosphere were great, but I wasn't at all impressed by the kitchen. Do I need to go back on a weekend?

Brockton General
1321 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1Y1, CA