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Are There No Good, Inexpensive Places In Paris?

My two cents after reading all this, is that like in any large city, you will find anything meeting any budget in Paris. But if what you are looking for is a meal that is out of the ordinary, something you will not find else zhere, if you are looking to have a great experience and not just feed your body, then yes, Paris (as London and NY) is an expensive city, even for Parisians. So no, you cannot find that sort of our wonderful experience until 30 euros for dinner. You'll find little bistrot with good enough steak frite or blanquette (make sure its made on site and site vacuume stuff industrially made), but its nothing to write home about. I rather save my little pennies and have one or two great meals... then sandwiches are wonderful too...

Dec 05, 2010
slincourt in France

First time in Paris - suggestions and tips

As a canadian living in Paris, I agree with boredough, the important thing is to say bonjour when you walk in any place, be it a boutique, ca cafe or a bakery.
good restaurants are expensive in Paris. My trick: go for lunch is the really nice one, and hit local cafes at night. Usually even the chic restaurants have a great lunch menu for about 30 to 40 euros.
For nice bistrots for a good price, you have to look into the small neighborhoods, behind National and Bastille, the 15th arrondissement, and so on... just trust your instinct...

Dec 05, 2010
slincourt in France

Hotel Bar in Paris?

The most wonderful Hotel Bar in Paris is the Defender of the Hotel du Louvre in the 1st arrondissement. Cosy, chic, great cocktails, excellent champagne, lots of imagination for the little free nibbles. Live jazz some of the nights. Really an 5* place

Nov 30, 2010
slincourt in France