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Kraft polly-o string cheese

For those unaware, Polly-O was founded by Giuseppe Pollio in Brooklyn in 1899. It was the world's first large scale producer of Italian cheeses, today making 100 million lbs/year. Kraft acquired Polly-O in 1986

All production takes place at an enormous plant in Campbell, NY, in the heart of a large dairy farming region. From the list of products that will be under OU supervision, clearly consists of only Polly-O products. For those who are curious, Polly-O is by far the best tasting string cheese, the only one my daughter would eat.

As for further kosher products, such as mac n'cheese, don't get your hopes up. Other than being produced at a different location, the ingredients are far more complex than Italian cheese. You may be stuck with Foulds and Wacky Mac!

Apr 14, 2013
dk50b in Kosher

mosaica in nj to reopen as el trattoria under etc steakhose seth warshaw

Also very sad to see Mosaica close. It was hard to believe we had top notch kosher French/Moroccan food ten minutes away. It was our go to place for special occasions, and I guess the fact we thought it was a great secret shared by a select few wasn't a good thing. The cuisine was a world a way from most other kosher upscale establishments. It will be sorely missed.

Hopefully, Et Al will serve as a worthy successor.

Dec 03, 2012
dk50b in Kosher

Kosher Brunch Site: Off N. Y. Thruway?

As for what's in Airmont/Monsey, there's a very large variety of places. Unfortunately, I haven't been to what I'd consider a kosher brunch place in that area. Rocklanders, a little help please? This location is an ideal meeting spot, as it is just over 2 hours from Philly and a little under 2 hours from Hartford.

It seems a lot of people are unaware of's Kosher Database. It is an attempt to list almost every kosher establishment in the world(!), and does the best job of any site on the web in my opinion. It has information on type of place, supervision, and usually reviews for most popular restaurants. Best of all, there is Google Maps interface, which even the geographically challenged should be able to navigate. Here's the link

Again, I haven't been, but this place looks like it might fit the bill

Anyone have an opinion? Please give us your review. It looks like if you choose this place, reservations would be highly advisable.

Good luck!

Dec 03, 2012
dk50b in Kosher

Metrowest kosher keepers re: Zayda's

Zayda's has closed their operation in Eden Gourmet. Rumor has it they are still doing catering, but the website says they are still in EG. EG is now stocking Empire chicken and pre-packaged beef from Brooklyn. Very sad to see a trusted business survive nearly sixty years and then disappear like this.

Mar 27, 2011
dk50b in Kosher

Smokey Joes in Teaneck

We went last nite for my bday. Arrived around 8, and waited about 15 minutes for a table in the main room, where the band plays on Saturday. I would agree with the theme that this place is a mixed bag. For starters, we had the Buffalo style wings. I haven't had wings this good in a restaurant since I went to school there. We also ordered a combo platter and ribs. The ribs were great, the chicken was very good, but the brisket was tough. The sauces are very good. Lastly, either our waiter was too busy or his mind was elsewhere, as we had to keep flagging him down for the simplest things. So all in all, it was fun to try something unusual for kosher, but things could definitely improve.

Dec 19, 2010
dk50b in Kosher

Campino in Newark Closed?

Luckily they answered the next day. We went last Friday, and it was great as always. I had the grilled tuna, my wife and a friend had the paella, another had the snapper, and another had the mixed meat. It was all fantastic. The place is as good as I remebered it from several years ago. Highly recommended for authentic Portugese cuisine.

Nov 14, 2010
dk50b in New Jersey

Campino in Newark Closed?

Does anyone know if Campino Mercado in the Ironbound closed? I tried calling yesterday and there was no answer.

Nov 10, 2010
dk50b in New Jersey