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Why is Cheese Forbidden in Authentic Italian Fish Cookery?

It's great that this thread is still alive ;) I can't remember if I read this, if someone told me or maybe it's already been said here but there was an old way of thinking that if you put cheese on fish that you could be covering up the smell of not so fresh fish.

I spoke with a friend, from Napoli, who mentioned that there's a shellfish dish that gets pecorino where he's from. Apparently something similar is becoming popular in Lazio restaurants...

Oct 26, 2014
peppino in General Topics

Downtown Oakland/Ogawa Square - AT NIGHT?

Does anyone know if dogwood cures their own meat?

Has anyone tried these "Best Italian Restaurants" in SF & the East Bay?

I've tried all the Oakland, Berkeley & most of the SF "Best Italian Restaurants" but I haven't heard of Massimo Ristorante, Ottavio, Rocco's Cafe, Ristorante Milano or Seven Hills. Has anyone tried any of them?

Good, reasonably priced Italian in Berkeley/Rockridge

I know they're Dopo's sister restaurant/bar (and they don't exactly a full dinner menu ) but no one mentioned Adesso ;) I like going there for a good salumi fix and some good Italian wine.

4293 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

4395 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA

Time to Harvest Fennel Pollen (Sonoma County)

Hi flavorenhancer! What time of year is best to harvest the fennel pollen?

I'm wondering if the wild fennel (plain Foeniculum vulgare) pollen is just as fragrant as the cultivated Florence fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Azoricum)


Nocino - green walnut liqueur

Nocino is supposed to be brown (almost black really). I use 151 grain alcohol here but in Italy they use 190 grain alcohol (illegal in CA). Maybe the vodka alcohol wasn't high enough and it went bad because of that?

Jul 18, 2011
peppino in Spirits

Nocino - green walnut liqueur

Are they the English (Persian) Walnuts or the Black (American) Walnuts? If they are English I'd love to pick some up (if you'r near San Francisco).

Jul 18, 2011
peppino in Spirits

Why is Cheese Forbidden in Authentic Italian Fish Cookery?

I learned about no parmigiano on seafood on my 1st trip to visit my family in Italy (Albisola SV about a 1/2 NW of Genova on the coast). Another thing I learned was, do not put parmigiano on gnocchi with a ragu di funghi (mushroom sauce). I guess it goes in the same category as "letting the ingredients speak for themselves". Don't make them fight for attention.

The ragu di funghi was just olive oil and mushrooms. I can't remember if the mushrooms were porcini or if they were dried or fresh. Sorry, I drank too much grappa.

Aug 20, 2007
peppino in General Topics