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Want to make (Colorado) Green Chili monday nite

The nearest Kroger is outside Richmond. Check Mega Mart in Riverdale just off 410 East West Hwy

Good food in the DC/VA area??

Holly -- this has been a mild summer by far

washington dc brunch

Worth a shot

Zagat--DC's 10 Must-Try New Brunches

Mission Mexican Restaurant Opening in Dupont

No need to drive out to a gas station in Elkridge, Md., or a strip mall in Perry Hall, Md., to sample the sought-after tacos from R&R Taqueria. The taco shop's chef and owner Rodrigo Albarran will oversee the menu at Dupont Circle's new Mexican restaurant, Mission, which officially opens tomorrow.

"I was ready to make another move," Albarran says. "I want to get my name out differently so people will know all the things I'm capable of doing."

The restaurant is owned by Reed Landry and Fritz Brogan, who also operate George and Mason Inn in Georgetown. Landry was at a dinner party when a friend told him he had to try R&R. When he and Brogan finally did, "it was just too good to be true," Brogan says. "And so we started talking to him."

Like Albarran, the owners are also trying to expand their repertoire with Mission. "Reed and I have really wanted to move away from doing the heavy-volume alcohol and doing more food. We thought that Mexican food comes hand and hand because when people eat Mexican food they have some margaritas, they have some tequila," Brogan says. The bar at Mission serves nearly 50 types of tequilas and mezcals, several margaritas and cocktails, and eight beers on tap, including a few Mexican varieties, Atlas Brew Works' District Commons, and Shiner.

Menu looks good hopefully it keeps the R&R flavor profiles

Fish Fry

fish fry in MD

Horace and Dickies - Takoma Park Location

Fish in the Hood

Maine St -- Wharf

As for MoCo and Frederick -- no clue

Table (Frederik de Pue) and Eat the Rich

Your right fresh fish usually doesn't have a fishy smell must have been old product that was pushed out by the kitchen staff -Yuck

Metro-accessible source for sustainable caviar

You can order it from Costco and save yourself some gas $$$

Looking for local fish in Baltimore

Locally caught fish come from the Chesapeake bay or surrounding fish water streams. You can find the following fish readily available in most markets in the area Rockfish(also called Stripped Bass), Croakers and Spots.

Fried Turkey?

Lawhound that awesome you offered.

Ben's Best Time of Day?

FYI -- Bens Next Door offers the same items and more its usually less crowed and they serve alcohol

Ben's Best Time of Day?

Kea13 is correct chili dogs are not considered soul food in any way

Fried Turkey?

Butterball sells an electric fryers for indoor cooking now its about $100

Fried Turkey?

Fried turkeys are good but smoked turkeys are incredible

Where to Buy FRESH Shellfish in the DC Area

Hate to break it to you all shrimp and scallops in are frozen on the boat or short after otherwise it would spoil. You can't get "fresh out of the water ship and scallops" unless you are close to the sources.

Is it still blue crab season? OR What are all the crab house posts 10 years old?

Mr Taster.

Or you can visit the DC Wharf - buy a half bushel(Capt White) for $60 and take it to a park and have a mini picnic. Most cost effective way to enjoy our regional delight

Reviving the Sushi-Go-'Round search: want "Basically edible" and "Very Inexpensive"

Try - East Moon in Bowie - affordable and fresh

Is it still blue crab season? OR What are all the crab house posts 10 years old?

If you friend Cantler's on facebook they have specials every week on all you can eat crabs

Best Fishmonger in Annapolis

Try the Annapolis Seafood Market.

Rotisserie to rent?

Man that sounds so good!!!

Best Fried Chicken

Thanks for the reminder doc

Best Fried Chicken

I hope Central fried chicken in DC is better than the other items I tried at Central - in Caesar Palace Vegas it was a huge disappointment.

Grill or BBQ classes

Find a friend who can grill and BBQ really well and offer them a case of wine or beer for some tips

Minibar: Open House tonight

For you hounds who enjoy some free chow

José Andrés is celebrating the10th birthday of his swanky avant-garde restaurant Minibar with an open house tonight from 5 to 9 p.m. The free public event will involve tastings of Andrés' take on the Philly cheese steak plus tours of both Minibar and the adjoining cocktail lab Barmini. One lucky guest will win a golden ticket (a la Willy Wonka), granting him or her dinner for two at the exclusive 12-seat restaurant. Not bad, considering dinner for one costs $225 before drink, tax, or tip. Minibar, 855 E St. NW. (202) 393-0812. (Sarah Kaplan) -- Source(City Paper)

Best Crabs in Annapolis

They will have plenty of crabs in October

Sunday Brunch in DC not costing an arm and a leg...

How much does brunch run at the 4 Seasons these days?

Has anyone tried Epiphany BBQ

Smoke from a grill does wonders for fish

Has anyone tried Epiphany BBQ

A coworker of mine said this place has good BBQ has anyone else tried it.


Seafood in DC

True - used to love going to the Annapolis Seafood Market and lunch time for a crab cake sandwich and cream of crab soup.

Downtown Annapolis

Most of the downtown restaurants don't really have anything different to offer. O'Briens and Acme have solid meal choices with seafood and regional American cuisine.

Different and fun -- you can ride the mechanical bull at Cadillac Ranch or visit Ziki Japanese Steak House for Hibachi dinner -- 1906 Towne Center Blvd Suite #4250 Annapolis, MD 21401