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Westchester BYOB recs

Elia Taverna has BYOB on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Cronuts in Westchester

Unfortunately even if Enricos was giving them away for free I would not step into that store. I have been to that store several times and witnessed first hand how repeatedly rude the owners are to the staff as well as the customers. I love patronizing small businesses but in this scenario I will definitely take my business elsewhere.

Nemea Taverna & Ioannian Grill - Closed!?!?


Nemea Taverna & Ioannian Grill - Closed!?!?


There are plenty of nice Greek restaurants in NJ, if you Google it a whole bunch will pop up.

Most good Greek restaurants should have vegetarian dishes like, Spanikopita (phyllo dough and feta pies), Imam Baldi (baked eggplant), Dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves), Gemista (stuffed tomato & peppers) and other fabulous vegetarian dishes. The items I mentioned are staples in "Taverna" style restaurants and most create unique Greek inspired vegetarian dishes on top of the regular menu.

FYI - This weekend is the huge Greek festival and Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church on Mill Rd in New Rochelle. I'll be there this weekend, especially for the "loukamades" the Greek style zeppolies with honey and cinnamon!


Nemea Taverna & Ioannian Grill - Closed!?!?

It's true I am sensitive to Greek restaurants because I am Greek and I love my Greek culture, It just surprises me that these restaurants closed when the same type of restaurant thrive in other areas such as Queens and New Jersey.

FYI I do enjoy other cuisines as well and some of my favorites are Cookery, Sushi Mikes, Johnny's Pizza

Nemea Taverna & Ioannian Grill - Closed!?!?

What's going on with all these Greek restaurants closing? It started with Mykonos in Dobbs ferry a while back and then Mythos in Thornwood and now Nemea Taverna in my hometown of Mamaroneck and Ioannian grill in New Rochelle have both closed recently within the last two weeks!

The only places that are left is Nikos in White Plains which is decent, MP Taverna which I use for a special occasion and then my go to place Elia Taverna in Bronxville which is always busy when I go. I heard there is a new place in Mt. Kisco "Taverna Pandesia" which I have not been to as I am not in that area often.

I can understand Nemea closing as it was not as good as when they first opened and when the two brothers (son's of Nikos Taverna) left after a few months it all went down hill.

Frank Pepe's

Darn it! Chowhound should have a listing of all the food deals when they become available. My email box is already full and I would hate to sign up for all those Groupon type websites. By the time I read this, they were all sold out :(

Mykonos - Dobbs Ferry CLOSED?

Just realized after leaving Sushi Mikes that Mykonos is not in business anymore and it is now called Cedar Street Grill........anyone know what happened?

Sushi Mike's
146 Main St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

23 Cedar St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Enrico's Pastry Shop of Hartsdale to move and expand

Honestly, I went their a few times and thought it was ok and would deffinately frequent the place, but after experiencing for myself how nasty these people are I just will NEVER go back. I will travel anywhere if I know the staff and owners are nice. They need some serious intervention. They think they are the best but in truth they are lesser quality than your averge supermarket.

Bakery in Lower Westchester -- Need a great birthday cake!

Riviera bakery in Ardsley has some great fun Seus-like cakes and taste decent. Also I have heard good things about Martines in Tuckahoe and on a higher scale there is LuLu!s in Scarsdale. Give Riviera a shot I think you'll be happy.

Frank Pepe's

I went to Pepe's last night in Yonkers for the first time. To start the ambiance is very cafeteria style
and the way they serve the food on those huge metal plates was interesting. There is an extremely limited menu and my opinion on the place......... I like it! it's a little quirky but that's the instant appeal.
Now here is a question I have for everyone, since we over ordered there was a ton of pizza left over. So the next day I put my pizza with broccoli, mushrooms and spinach on a wire rack in the toaster oven and when it was done it was better than the night before! Anyone ever experience this . It was truly awesome. I'm taking it to go next time and throwin it in the fridge for the next day.

Best of Westchester Magazine 2010

Westchester Magazine is the absolute worst publication ever! It's one of those things that from the surface it looks good but once you experience and reference one of their reviews or features you realize that it is all hype and advertising dollar driven! It truly is not worth the paper it's printed on. For real varied opinions on food establishments and topics nothing beats Chowhound.

Westchester Lunch Suggestions - County Wide

First, can I have your job!?!? I like the Cookery in Dobbs Ferry or nearby Sushi Mike, check out there websites for the lunch specials. If your looking for a higher end power lunch I would look into 42 the restaurant in the Ritz Carlton, I have never been but have recently heard they made some new changes to balance out the restaurant and have added a casual segment called " Bollata" ( I think) they have a prix fixe lunch at or around $25

Sushi Mike's
146 Main St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Need a great cake!

I have heard nice things about "Martines" in Tuckahoe but have not tasted it or tried it yet. If I'm in that area I will go in and "taste" a look around!

Best Greek Restaurant in Queens

Telly's Taverna has never let me down

Telly's Taverna
28-13 23rd Ave, Queens, NY 11105

Nov 10, 2010
Agapimou in Outer Boroughs