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Can you freeze cooked flour cake icing (broiled icing)?

Hi to all!

Do you think it is possible to freeze a cake with cooked flour cake icing, a recepie like this one:

Thanks for your responses!


Nov 05, 2011
lololo in Home Cooking

A fair enough good sugar shack near Montreal

I to all!

I want to bring my kids to a sugar shack, it is a long time since I have gone to one..

Do you have any suggestions on a decent place to go, where to food is good.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards

Apr 06, 2011
lololo in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Cakes like in Cake Boss

This girl from the north shore of Montreal sure looks like she is doing beautifull fondant cakes :

Her page is on facebook!

That said, it's quite easy to do a fondant cake if you are handy!

Feb 18, 2011
lololo in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Measuring spoons inaccuracy?

I am quite perplexe right now?

I have 2 sets of measuring spoons and they dont offer the same volume for the same number of millimeters? If I compare the 1ml (1/4 tea spoon), one set ends up more in the like of an half (2ml or 2.5) of a tea spoon (of 5ml). And when a put two half of tea spoon on a tea spoon it spill up, alot...

So, I dont know what set is accurate. I went to a kitchen store today and me and the clerk we did the same test with sugar on two sets : they did not calibrate the same?!?

Are you aware of this problem and is there a company tha produce accurate measuring spoons?

Best regards,


Jan 19, 2011
lololo in Cookware

thickness of the aluminum layer in tri-ply

Thank's Knet! I need about everything, thats why I was looking for a set!

I got to say that I have my eyes right now on this set from Sears, a Lagostina with 6mm disc bottom, wich is on sales so in my budget:

To this one day i will add somes frying pans wich are clad, from a good brand.

Does anyone as a comment on the Commercial Lagostina set?

Nov 10, 2010
lololo in Cookware

thickness of the aluminum layer in tri-ply

Thank you very much for your responses! So, I am going to rethink my strategy. I have read so much about the tri-ply, it's seems always to be mentionned better than bottom disk, whatever the situation. This is a good argument toward branching out my purshases!

I find it quite hard to shop for pans, there is not a lot of information on what and how to buy. Also, in the majority of the shops I did go, they were not very helpfull to givebinformation on each compagny. And then, on the web sites of thoses compagny, there not always giving all the information, particularly on the thickness of tri-ply...

Sorry for my english, I am french speaking...

Nov 09, 2010
lololo in Cookware

thickness of the aluminum layer in tri-ply

Hi to all!

I am shopping for a new cookware set. I would like to buy tri-ply (or clad I think it's named...) pots.

I would like to know what to look for regarding the thickness of the core aluminum layer or maybe the total thickness of the layers including the stainless steel?

Also, for this kind of pots, does the base need to be more thick than the side of the pots?

I would like to buy something not very expensive, say a maximum of 300$ for a 10 pieces set. I have seen mentionned here Cuisinart Multiclad pro, Tramontina, Calphalon. Tramontina from Walmart seems interesting but it is not available in Canada, well does not seem to be..

Thank for your help!


Nov 08, 2010
lololo in Cookware