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Shanghai House for xlb

thanks. nice photos but... they need captions.

Grocery Outlet, November 2010

None in Berkeley yesterday. Don't know about Oakland. Anyone?

Large, important roasts for the holidays - where to buy at an affordable price?

I read this as pasteurized and my brain just froze: "how in the world do you pasteurize lamb?"

Now that I got it right: I think pretty much all lamb is pastured. Certainly anything local is.

I buy my lamb from the halal butcher on San Pablo at Hearst (I think it's Indus Village, at least it shares space with the Indus Village restaurant). Leg and chops for $4/lb. Good quality meat although the butchering style is a bit, what shall I say?, idiosyncratic? Try as I might, I cannot get them to prepare a rack correctly for me.

Indus Village Restaurant
1920 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

Limoncello- WTF???

FWIW: Only use organic lemons. Or, at a minimum, lemons you know were unsprayed. Commercial citrus food-standards are based on using the juice or meat, not the rind. The fruits are sprayed, treated, doused in... lots of stuff that would be completely unacceptable for any other fruits. You put your lemon zest in alcohol and the first thing that dissolves is the wax they coat the lemons with so they can keep for months without shriveling. Next come the pesticides that can be applied much later than any other fruit. Do yourself a favor and do not use supermarket lemons for lemoncello.

Nov 08, 2010
Cross Eyed Bear in Spirits

Grocery Outlet, November 2010

Have you tried the Axis Pinot?