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St. Andre Cheese

You certainly know your stuff cheesemonger! I am kind of "new" to the world of cheeses and it's always great when someone like you can lend your expertise to this matter. I am not one to shy away from tasting and exploring new foods, and people like me sometimes need a little help in figuring out certain foods.

Here is my "St. Andre First Time" story:
The first time I ever tasted Brie, I was in love!! However, I had eaten it several times until the question arose from a friend..... "Can you that white stuff?" I didn't think it was edible at all, but as you're aware, I was wrong. After Googling questions regarding Brie, I found out it was perfectly edible, but just a matter of personal taste. So, I unfortunately missed out on eating many rinds!! Now, I always eat the rind.... I find it just as good as the cheese. However, I know some people prefer not to eat the rind. Which is their choice, of course. Every time I stopped at the store to get a wheel of Brie, I always saw the package of St. Andre and wondered how good it was...... I mean come on, TRIPLE CREAM!!! It's gotta be good!! A delightful, mini-heart attack! LOL Anyway, I decided to buy it one day when I stopped at the store. I was so disappointed when I got home and unwrapped it!! The entire top of the wheel was COVERED in white, fuzzy mold. I immediately threw it away, disappointed. So, the next time I stopped at the store, I bought it once again (being sure to check the expiration date). Again, I got home and it was covered in mold.... pitched it. One more time, I stopped at the store and this time I checked them out thoroughly! Each one was covered in mold. Totally puzzled, I went home and started Googling..... only to find out...... THAT'S A GOOD THING!! I was so pissed at myself!! I actually threw away a couple of perfectly Good St. Andre wheels!! Anyway, my point being..... Thank you for lending your knowledge to anyone that has a question (and not being a snob about it). If it wasn't for people like you, I never would have eaten many of the cheeses I have enjoyed!! I'm sure many people have had the same experience as I did. I just hope that after reading these posts, nobody THROWS ANYTHING AWAY!! Check with people that know their stuff first! Cheese is a "funky little thing" to begin with, so you never know what's edible and what's not. It's best to check with the experts!

Nov 08, 2010
Tornado76 in Cheese