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WTF is up with the noise level in Toronto restaurants?

see, here's my problem.
I like Grand Electric.
but i hate their food, music, alcohol and clientele.
should i stop going there?

WTF is up with the noise level in Toronto restaurants?

maybe they were on a business meeting?
maybe one of them had an issue at home?
maybe one of their spouse's flights was delayed and they needed to check the time?
or maybe they were texting each other, pre-judging that person dining alone next to them, wondering why they were staring at them while they tried to have a private dinner?

in the end: who cares? it's their table. maybe you should hold up scorecards and judge the quality of a table's interactions, depth of conversation and degree of sincerity.

Which is the LOUDEST restaurant in TORONTO??

i hate when restaurants play the music THEY want to listen to, and serve food that the CHEF is passionate about.

you didn't like Ascari? you're not complaining about Electric? how about Bar?

Danforth Pizza House for sale

woah woah woah...let's not delve into hyperbole.

i'm not originally from toronto. i can tell you that Danforth was one of the better pies in Toronto, hands down. It is not a pie that legend or folklore was made of. it was pretty good, but not godsent.

Danforth Pizza House for sale

not to be a jerk, but do you have any idea how to place a value on a business?
terms like EBITDA familiar to you?

if the restaurant was making $40 000 profit a year, which isn't a lot, getting that business (and the recipes and some training, i assume) is a pretty good deal.

i've been following restaurant lease sales. this is well below most prices.

Jonathan Waxman to open a restaurant in Toronto

Yeah. it has the horrible facade on it.
Famed Toronto chef Grant Soto took a picture of it.

Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

i am supporting a mom and pop business, now that it is on Danforth East.
why do I avoid Spadina?
crappy parking.
garbage everywhere.
a lot of dirty restaurants.
a lot of restaurants with sterile interior design and bright fluorescent lights.
a lot of mediocre gwai-lo chinese food, and that's being polite.

Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

i'll be honest: i don't have a point of reference.
i tend to avoid all Spadina/Chinatown restaurants like the plague. never been to the original MD.

Mother's Dumplings - coming to the Danforth (east of Pape)

I went last week.
It was really quiet. 2:30 in the afternoon.
Service was great. cute little space.
there were 3 of us and we ordered lots of deliciousness. they didn't have a few items on the menu (the lamb, i think).
otherwise, it was great and tasty.

Upcoming Toronto Visit

no offense meant, but no idea how anyone could choose El Trompo over 7 Lives. not even in the same league.

HuffPo: 32 Toronto Food Things

guess they couldn't afford the rights to this Toronto brunch photo?

and while we're factchecking: Hoof Cafe closed down to open a Thurs-Sat set-meal restaurant, but then Jenn and Grant split up and the place remained unopened. it was then converted to Cocktail Bar.

Upcoming Toronto Visit

i can't believe i'm taking your dumb, dangly bait, but here i go:

on tap at Bellwood:

Stay Classy - a session beer. not sure if you know what that is, but it is a 2.3% abv beer that's gaining popularity in the US and Europe. meant to discourage drinking and driving and encourage social consumption.

Brettal Head - 5% abv

Grizzly Beer - 6.2%

Farmhouse classic - 7.2%

Lost River Baltic Porter - 7.7%

Witchshark - 9% abv

Hellwoods - 10%

Wizard Wolf - another "session ale", although it clocks in at 4.8% abv

so, 8 beer on tap. 2 session beer. one that falls under your "water" category. 5 fall under high alcohol, 4 fall under "don't drive if you're having a pint". 2, maybe 3, are hoppy. 2 are "milkshake-like consistency" because, well, that's how porters tend to be. as opposed to having a thing, watery body. so yeah, please continue and educate us "yuppies" (didn't realize the 90s were back) about Bellwoods' crowd. thought it was hipsters and beardos that were there.

Upcoming Toronto Visit

if you're looking for an all-around combo of beer and food, no place beats Bar Isabel. no place.
their beer menu's done by Keep6. they have 750 mL bottles of Trou di Diable (one of Canada's best microbreweries) that few other bars and restos have.

the OP also mentioned places to eat, not drink, hence the Isabel reference.

I usually hate BlogTO's lists, but Ben knows his beer. the top 5 bars on that list should not be dinner locations. WVRST is the only place i'd consider eating at.

HuffPo: 32 Toronto Food Things

maybe we should list some other awesome things about Toronto that no longer exist? :)


Evergreen Saturday market, apparently.

HuffPo: 32 Toronto Food Things

Can I post my own "32 Toronto Food Things" so we don't give pageviews and ad revenue to a large international corporation?

especially one that posts the Hoof's brunch, which has been gone for how long?

Return of Cafe Brussel!!!!

the real estate listing's a giveaway, eh? :)

Upcoming Toronto Visit

both taco options you're choosing are weak.
those 2 pubs are pretty crappy. not sure why or what you're choose them for, but for food plus pub, Bellwoods would be the best beer-first option. Bar Isabel would be the other logical option.

Chowfind of the Century- Bistrot 92 Eglinton Ave West, French French

always kills me to see non-business minds opening businesses based on passions or hobbies.

they're asking for $60 000. i wouldn't even pay $600 for the space. it's in the middle of a construction zone for the next 5 years.

Grilled cheese fest is a disaster!

around 640 sandwiches were made by 1 vendor, and that was above the likely negotiated quantity.

Grilled cheese fest is a disaster!

my understanding is that vendors were paid around $1200 each. i have a very reliable source.

Grilled cheese fest is a disaster!

this argument about making grilled cheese sandwiches at home is probably presented by the same people who go for brunch and order 2 eggs, toast, jam and sausage links.

in the end, the consumer dictates what s/he wants to spend their money on. i don't give a shit if 2000 dummies want to line up on a winter's eve for grilled cheese; i only care if my wife inexplicably bought us tickets for this kind of event.

what i do care about is people being taken advantage of. paying something and not getting a return on investment is poor business. it gives food festivals a bad reputation. it hurts the vendors, who were likely on the receiving end of complaints, had to deal with higher volume than promised and who - as I know for a fact - lost money on this event. that is the LOL part and the shame.

again, i have no desire to spend money on grilled cheese sandwiches. not my cup of tea and i sort of get why people want to, but not really. but it clearly is something that LARGE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE WANT TO SPEND MONEY ON. good for them. good for people who want to buy $2 Evian water when Toronto's tap water's delicious. good for people who pay large amounts of money for Glory Hole doughnuts. the list can go on and on infinitely. but please focus on the true issue (the lack of organization) and don't insult those restaurants or food trucks that are making an honest living off of a niche food service.

you might as well ridicule pharmacists for just putting drugs in a bottle, or dentists for just looking at your teeth, or a veterinarian just looking in your dog's ears. shows more of a lack of your understandings as to the service that one offers.

Grilled cheese fest is a disaster!

i've never been a fan of of the McThreads, nor am i a fan of drinking PBR or 50 because it is cool.

i like food that tastes good. taste is perception, though. everyone has their guilty pleasure, and i sort of understand that.

but trailer trash chic would include food like baby back ribs (slave food), bone marrow (poor food) and brisket (slave food or Jewish peasant food). most of the popular food dishes nowadays stemmed from the poor cooking it to perfection because they were using cheap cuts of meat and had to improve upon the taste/texture so their families would eat it.

getting back to grilled cheese. there's something about it that people undeniably love. comfort food, childhood memories, melted cheese...who knows. but it is loved. so i sort of get it.

Here's one menu item: Kimchi, sweet soy pork, lotus chips, cilantro, and fontina cheese on light rye bread. So yeah, a sandwich i wouldn't make at home. so i get the desire to have it.

but another sandwich: Cheddar cheese, monterey jack cheese, bacon, avocado, spinach, red onion, tomato, and garlic mayo. Another sandwich: Aged white & yellow Ontario cheddars, parmigiano, romano and asiago topped with Ontario bacon on Calabrese bread. Dudes, go make that at home. i pretty much did yesterday for lunch. you can do it as well.

so that's one of the things i find to be funny about this festival selling out.nothing's hard to replicate. but hey, people don't see, to want to do it and want to pay $40 for someone to melt cheese...

Grilled cheese fest is a disaster!

and that's what some of the people on here don't comprehend.

just because it ain't for you (and i had little desire to go to this event or to a poutine fest), doesn't mean it ain't for others.

Chowhound: the home of people complaining about complaints. the home of people poo-pooing a grilled cheese festival, yet creating threads about McLobster, McPoutine, new doughnuts at Tim Hortons and what to eat at Casey's bar and grill.

Grilled cheese fest is a disaster!

not sure what you're not understanding.
they sold out.
they probably needed a space bigger than Roy Thompson Hall.
it was possibly pretentious to not rent a hall that was large enough to accommodate the demand for such an item.

people who want to call grilled cheese sandwiches "low brow" should go back to eating their high brow food, like roasted bone marrow, or baby back ribs, or brisket. Oh, wait...

Grilled cheese fest is a disaster!

Pretty simple, actually.

1. it's an event. therefore, you are paying for admission to an event/party, to hear the band, to meet people, to have an experience. so, i'd put $10 towards that "experience"
2. grilled cheese - go look at Cheesewerks's menu. $10 per sandwich. Leslieville Cheese $8/sandwich.
3. cost of cheese: In Canada, premium cheese costs money. We're not talking about slices or Black Diamond. if i need to explain that to people on here, then shame on you
4. types of sandwiches. Anyone take a moment to actually look to see what's being served before shitting on everyone's head? What if some of the sandwiches had fois gras or truffles on them?
5. All you can eat. Eat 3 sandwiches (which is incredibly disgusting when you consider the amount of cheese one would be consuming) and that's $30 if you're at Cheeseworks.
6. soup: there was soup and not just grilled cheese. so $5 for a cup of soup.

so 3 sandwiches, 1-2 cups of soup plus $10 for the experience plus a "pint" (used incredibly liberally here) of beer and you're looking at the attendee getting more than their money's worth.

i laugh at people who will pay 3 figures for a front row ticket to Beyonce when she is lip-synching. but hey, people are clearly doing it and it isn't for me to tell someone what to do with their money or how to enjoy life. the problem with this event, though, is that it failed to meet the expectations.

1. wasn't ACYE because of lines and overcapacity
2. people had to wait 40 min to get in and it was cold out
3. it was overcrowded inside
4. beer was a sample size cup

That's where the failure is.
In the past 2 days, i happened to have a craving for grilled cheese. totally forgot that this event happened. i shredded some higher-end gouda with some regular cheddar, took 2 pieces of rye bread, a tomato, some onion, avocado and butter, and grilled it. topped it with curry ketchup and ate 2 pickle slices with it. it was a delicious, comforting lunch. i personally would never, ever pay $40 for a grilled cheese event, since 80% of those sandwiches can be done in the comfort of my kitchen, and i have no desire to have ACYE grilled cheese and eat them, standing up, in a crowd. i also would never line up for the Gorilla Cheese food truck. but past food truck events show that GC is one of the most popular trucks. that's the beauty of capitalism. if people want to put out $5 for a pet rock, then god bless 'em.

Grilled cheese fest is a disaster!

do you seriously think that any of the vendors were selling Wonder Bread and Kraft slices?


Grilled cheese fest is a disaster!

i would like to point out that the 700 oversold tickets netted the organisers almost $30 000 in extra revenue.
Just think about it.

Grilled cheese fest is a disaster!

hearing they oversold by 700 tickets.
people aren't being let in.
people inside are incredibly crowded.

all rumours i've heard from ppl at the event

*edit* all the LOLs here

Dukem (Ethiopian resto review)

you went to Dukem once, didn't like it, but it was your go-to for Ethiopian?
ok, then....