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Super Bowl week and a little extra

Thanks to you both (and anyone who comes in after). These look like great jumping-off points.

Jan 13, 2013
ejswanso in New Orleans

Super Bowl week and a little extra

Hello. I'll be in town with my wife,for the first time, during Super Bowl week. My hunch is the usual places might be swarmed until the Monday after the game. We will be here Wednesday to Wednesday, so I'm planning to check some of the more usual suspects once the hordes have left.

But when the hordes are around, I'd like to know about some more off the beaten path places. Divey or ethnic food, cocktails, beer, all that good stuff. Staying near the convention center, but public transit, walking and cabs are all welcome. Thanks!

Jan 11, 2013
ejswanso in New Orleans

My tofu skin salad fell flat - what should I do differently?

A little fish sauce?

Jun 23, 2012
ejswanso in Home Cooking

Zapp's Potato Chips

Boi Noodle on 40th stocks Zapp's. A good handful of flavors. Not sure about price.

May 25, 2012
ejswanso in Manhattan

Green Valley Ranch?

Thanks for the tips, all! Definitely haven't ruled out a car. And we'll be at GVR just three nights -- then either at a hotel on the Strip or with a cousin, also on the Strip, for two other nights. Depending on his availability, it either means he can show us around a little, or, like last year, I had his car for a week. Which is definitely the way to get around the area, even for tourists. Our time at Green Valley is pretty narrowly focused -- watching, and hopefully winning a little money on, the games, drinking beer and catching up with friends. I do hate bad food tho, so I'm glad to get some not-too-far-away tips.

And Dave, thanks, those are good pizza benchmarks. I'm a big fan of Neapolitan style -- and NY slice, and Chicago, and whatever. So there's a very good option after the second night at the resort steakhouse.

Jan 30, 2012
ejswanso in Las Vegas

Bernardin, Tocqueville or EMP for GF's b'day?

Last time I was there about a month ago, the duck for two was standard on the lunch menu -- in your third row. And it appeared quite popular in the dining room. Also, it's ridiculously good.

Jan 30, 2012
ejswanso in Manhattan

Green Valley Ranch?

I'll be staying here in mid-March -- NCAA tourney time -- and am wondering what's good -- or best avoided -- at the resort itself, and what is worth seeking out nearby. We might have a car -- if so, return visits to Raku, Lotus and Hue Thai (seriously, the best cha gio) are almost certain. But if we don't have a car, or don't have one for our five-day trip, are there good places within walking distance?

In my searches, Settebello seems to get some love. Will a (not-pizza-dogmatic) New Yorker find it worthy?

We stayed at Red Rock last year, and the Yardhouse was a great place to drink and watch the games outside the book. Do any bars at GVR compare?

And if we go to M for a day, what might be notable there or nearby?

Lots of questions ... Thanks for any help!

Jan 28, 2012
ejswanso in Las Vegas

Late night eats/drinks in Manhattan?

Did this exact date night with my wife. It was excellent. Sleep No More is insane, and Minetta was a great place to drink, eat and talk about the performance.

Dec 02, 2011
ejswanso in Manhattan

The Oyster Bar--Grand Central Station

Aug 06, 2011
ejswanso in Manhattan

Price for dinner at Joel Robuchon

This thread is fantastic. Wow.

The food at Robuchon is certainly not cheap, and the portions aren't huge, but it's hard not to leave satisfied after two little burgers with a huge slab of foie, or the famous potato (-butter) puree with your entree of choice.

What really digs deep into the wallet here is the wine, however. This could have changed, but the last time I was there, maybe a year and a half ago for the NYC branch, it was a struggle to find a full bottle of wine at $100. Half-bottles, similarly, bottom out around $50 and rise from there.

The cocktails are quite nice, however. I don't know that there's much nearby, but a before-dinner cocktail at another spot could help keep the bill down.

Chef Robuchon is going to be in the kitchen this week, according to an e-mail I almost forgot about from a month ago. If I recall correctly, the kitchen usually sends out an extra amuse or appetizer when he is in town.

May 07, 2011
ejswanso in Manhattan

Best Bloody Mary in Manhattan (serious research)

Since this thread has been revived: Whiskey Tavern has a nice bloody -- horseradish is included, which I prefer. Pair it with a spicy pickleback, and you've got a nice meal.

Whiskey Tavern
79 Baxter St, New York, NY 10013

Jan 04, 2011
ejswanso in Manhattan

Current EMP Menu Grid/Wine Pairings?

Here's the grid as of last Thursday:
Persimmon - Tuna - Langoustine - Foie Gras
Cauliflower - White Truffle - Halibut - Lobster
Chicken - Pork - Venison - Beef
Chevre - Vanilla - Apple - Chocolate

Wine pairings are $95 or $110, says the menu. Can't say anything about them because my wife and I kept ourselves to a bottle of wine. I'd assume you're getting close to a full pour, give or take. White truffles were a $95 supplement.

It was all amazing, but the foie-lobster-beef-chocolate options were our favorites, even if it's a little obvious that those would be the crowd-pleasers.

The duck for two seems to be a mainstay, also. And next time, I have to make myself get that.

Nov 08, 2010
ejswanso in Manhattan

1977 Heredia Gran Reserva -- pairing ideas?

Thanks for the tips, all. I'll see if I can recreate a roast lamb leg I had in Zaragoza, maybe. It was unreal. And thanks for warning me off decanting.

Nov 08, 2010
ejswanso in Wine

1977 Heredia Gran Reserva -- pairing ideas?

Hi all. Longtime lurker here with a first post.

I recently brought back from Spain a 1977 Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia Gran Reserva. I love their whites and roses more than the reds, typically, but I'm still pretty interested in what this will have going on.

I'd like to throw together a meal around it. Pork, lamb or duck, I'm thinking as a main. Would love some ideas on first course, sides, etc. Especially if people know of anything that's almost guaranteed to clash with old Riojas, I'd appreciate any warnings.

And the other big question: I expect I'll want to decant this, but for how long? I'll taste as I go, too. This was in a three-pack for the bodega's anniversary.

I've got Robuchon, Alinea, other basic cookbooks. Not super worried about execution/ambition level on the cooking, but I won't be busting out an immersion circulator or any meat glue.

Thanks in advance!

Nov 06, 2010
ejswanso in Wine