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Cheap Eats Marigny & FQ

Hi Montuori! You gave a great rec to us last time for Ruby Slipper and we had a lovely birthday breakfast there in March, so thanks!! We also hit Feelings for birthday dinner and our vegan friend (and the rest of us) thoroughly enjoyed.
This trip we are looking at casual, fly by the seat of our pants places. Buffas is super close and the price and mood are perfect. We have two dinners three brekkies and two lunches but unlike last trip I am avoiding reservations and cabs. We do need to stick to wheelchair friendly spots--we can easily get her up a few stairs but the bathroom door/stall width is key. Hope Buffas works; will email them and ask. Would love to check out Mimi's as well, though obviously the upstairs is off limits. Though our main hang will be the Frenchman street area we will hit Pres Hall either Saturday or Sunday night and will probably hit Erin Rose for pre show Po boys. Any insights are truly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Jan 02, 2014
pastagrrl in New Orleans

Cheap Eats Marigny & FQ

First I need to apologize for not posting a TR from our maiden NOLA voyage last spring. I wrote a long detailed one, hit post and thought it took but it didn't. We had a great time thanks much for all the help!
We fell in love with NO and return for MLK weekend in a couple of weeks!!! This time our birthday posse has grown to six: one vegan, three pescetarians and two omnivores. Our main goals are music, drinking and eating. We'd like to do all three as inexpensively as possible. We are staying again at Le Richelieu as we prefer Frenchman to Bourbon. Please advise lunch & dinner places in that general vicinity. We will spend brekkies at Cake Cafe. FQ is fine--want to hit Erin Rose for the killer po'boys. P.s. we're not impressed with po'boys at Johnny'---way too dry, dressing-wise.
Thanks everybody!

Dec 31, 2013
pastagrrl in New Orleans

Preliminary itinerary---feedback very much appreciated

Thanks for the responses!
Hazelhurst--i seem to remember someone posting they lined up @10am and when they got to the front of the line someone asked if they were "on the list", a list which apparently was taken of the people in line much earlier. i of course defer to you on all things Galatoires since i have read of your considerable experience there. this is our first time and a big occasion so i'm a little OCD i guess :)
Romantic dinner is now between Bayona and Irenes, though my heart is leaning towards Irene's. noise factor is an issue, and it seems Bayona would be much quieter?
Montuori--Ruby Slipper looks divine and i can't believe i have not heard of it already! per yelp the older two locations are WC accessible, i will contact the Marigny location to make sure. regardless, the SO and i may switch it up for the birthday breakfast!!

Jan 02, 2013
pastagrrl in New Orleans

Preliminary itinerary---feedback very much appreciated

Happy New Year!
First time trip for me & hub to celebrate his big 50 in early March and we are super excited. I have culled a draft list of restos mainly from reading this board and would love any additional wisdom from you guys.
SO and I arrive midday on a Tuesday and will depart NOLA on the following Sunday. We are staying at Le Richelieu in the FQ but close to the Marigny. We will have a car but want to walk or streetcar it unless a suggestion of a can't miss is made requiring driving. On Thursday (the actual big day) two friends are flying in to join in the fun. One uses a wheelchair and the other is a vegan. I have tried to build our food, music and excursions to fit everyone's sitch.
Tuesday: po boys @Johnny's for lunch; dinner @Mr. B's
Wednesday: big brekkie @Camellia Grill
Dinner@ either Muriel's or Irene's cuisine--please advise. I noticed that Muriel's gets a lot of meh on this board. I'd like a romantic night before our friends arrive. Would Irene's be too noisy?
Thursday: birthday brekkie @Cake Cafe or Red Gravy?
Birthday dinner @Feelings Cafe
Friday: light breakfast, probably CDM
Boisterous birthday lunch @Galatoires if we can get in. I know we must secure a place in line no later than 7am which will be an accomplishment since we will be partying late into the night the night before. Any advice on making the Friday Galatoire's downstairs scene is appreciated!
Dinner@Three Muses
Saturday: light breakfast somewhere--any suggestions?
Lunch/brunch 1 pm @Commanders
Dinner @ either Green Goddess or El Gato Negro
Sunday: farewell brekkie at Surreys if their bathroom is ADA ( my friend who uses a WC is super independent and we can get he up a couple of steps. Three Muses is listed on yelp as not WC accessible but I emailed them and they confirmed their bathrooms are ADA and so we can get her up the couple of steps). If not Surreys then please suggest a good breakfast joint that would be vegan friendly and ADA.
Not listed but a huge part of our trip will be drinking and catching live music. The former in the FQ and Marigny, the latter mostly Frenchman street.

Thanks much for any feedback!!!!

Jan 01, 2013
pastagrrl in New Orleans

Wine Shop near Madison & 28th?

Thanks to all for the great suggestions. We will definitely be using them.

Dec 16, 2010
pastagrrl in Manhattan

Wine Shop near Madison & 28th?

Thanks much RCC!

Dec 12, 2010
pastagrrl in Manhattan

Wine Shop near Madison & 28th?

In a couple of weeks we're staying on Madison between 27th and 28th and looking for a place nearby to pick up some reasonably priced wine. By "reasonably priced" my local context is a bottle of La Crema costs a little under $20.

I know that price point is unlikely to happen in NYC but would like to be as cost efficient as possible without grabbing a cab or train.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated


Dec 11, 2010
pastagrrl in Manhattan

Barbounia or Gigino?

Thanks to everybody--the feedback is very much appreciated!

Dec 08, 2010
pastagrrl in Manhattan

Barbounia or Gigino?

Hi Everybody,

We will be in Manhattan 12/23-27. We are staying in Murray Hill and will be a party of four on Christmas Eve and plan on eating at Ponty Bistro. If anyone has any feedback about this place I would love to hear it. There is no mention of it on this board. Reviews from other sites have been quite favorable.

For Christmas night we are a party of two and have narrowed our dinner choices to Barbounia and Gigino Trattoria. There is little mention of either of these places on CH and my research on Yelp and Urbanspoon has revealed mixed reviews for both, mainly in the area of service. By coincidence Barbounia is a ten minute stroll from our hotel and while this would be great I certainly don't want it to be a deciding factor.

Any opinions on any of the aforementioned would be greatly appreciated.


250 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10003

323 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013

Ponty Bistro
218 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Dec 05, 2010
pastagrrl in Manhattan

Christmas Eve and Christmas Night

Thanks for the tip. I guess I am nervous. and compulsive...
I will wait a few weeks.

Nov 07, 2010
pastagrrl in Manhattan

Christmas Eve and Christmas Night

hi everybody!

i am a long time lurker and have gotten awesome recs from this board for past visits to manhattan. we dream about the veggie platter at azuri cafe with gusto.
this year it will be a four day christmas extravaganza. we are a party of four for christmas eve and a party of two for christmas night. we are staying in murray hill but are open to all neighborhoods. we'd like to keep it to $30 or under per entree; seafood/pasta is a plus. decent wine list also a plus. for xmas eve we need to go a bit mainstream (italian ,french, american); for xmas night we are cool with mexican, indian, mediterranean as well as the aforementioned mainstream.

i went to open table and searched for availability both nights. i was hoping for some help choosing.
here's what i somewhat narrowed for xmas eve:

--ponty bistro--one of our party is rooting for this one and unless i hear differently from you guys it is the frontrunner
--antica venezia

xmas night:
the above three (but obviously not whichever one we go to 12/24)
a casa fox

thanks so much for any input!

Nov 06, 2010
pastagrrl in Manhattan