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Opening Tomorrow "Lawrence", 5201 Blvd St Laurent

Wow, foodie groupies. A first on this board?
I always hate it when coffee is separated price wise from a breakfast menu, it always seems like a pricing scam. I mean you could separate every item on the plate if you want to go that way.

Le Devoir 2010 Best Restaurants: 1. Piment Rouge, 2. Jun-I, 3. Gandhi, 4. Renoir, 5. Europea...

Very curious how relatively rare Piment Rouge is mentioned on this board for reccos, faves etc.
What does this mean?

japanese food market

I think our poster wants something more recent than an almost three year old thread. Montreal doesn't have a big Japanese population which, I think, really limits commercial activity. What are the best now, almost 2011?

How About Some Updates On Qing Hua Dumpling

I was wondering if the take out dumplings are refrigerated or frozen. Thanks.

DUSTY'S ........park ave & montreal royal

I haven't been in since the change, but I walk by every weekday on the way home from work. It's dark some days. At least once I've seen it open with staff. Half the lights on today, but no people (employees or customers) visible inside.
It used to be a decent place that needed to improve it's coffee, and the wait staff were amateur hour which was OK until the inevitable spilled beverage.
Park Ave just doesn't have it. It's ugly.

Restaurant Closings - 2010

Illy. Fairmount/Jeanne Mance. Papered. Sign down.

Spiciest restaurant in Montreal???

Bangkok, they are good, but with dips. Avoid the old man if possible, his dishes are subpar. He never used to cook in the old days, why he occasionally does now is beyond me. He's horrible. Have had more than a few xxxx orders from him that are smothered in ground black pepper, not that I dislike black pepper, but I didn't order that kind of pepper.
All the other cooks are pretty good and make sure you get at least xxxx if you are a spice fiend. Nothing really as good or comparable in a food court that I know of.