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Supposed gluten free options, but no gluten free pizza on kid menu. Also, no gluten free breadcrumbs so no stuffed mushrooms for our starving son who is allergic to wheat and waited 30 minutes for his bowl of pasta with marinara sauce (would have been faster to get something at Trader Joe's then heat it up in the micro!). The friendly but inexperienced and glacial wait service was shocking. The restaurant shouldn't have newbies working on Friday nights.

15 minutes to get a glass of wine, another 20 to get a small bowl of parmesan to sprinkle on the pasta, and that was after waiting 30 minutes for our food. How long does it take to boil some pasta?! Also, the hostess was snarky.

NOTE: We ate in the bar area. Perhaps the dining area is better. $100 for two glasses of wine, two juices, one appetizer, two main courses and a child's pasta. But it is a lovely looking place and parking is convenient and inexpensive w validation.

Nov 05, 2010
littlemnks in Chains