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Good dinner spot needed with great dessert menu

Check out DT Bistro on Harbord. It has amazing entrees, and an incredible dessert menu. They definitely have vegetarian options, a beautiful environment, and possibly the best the desserts in the city.

ISO portugese salt cod fritter/tuna pate in downtown

thanks for the recs everyone! I might just go on a cod fritter/tuna pate spree and try them all!

ISO portugese salt cod fritter/tuna pate in downtown

I'm craving some amazing portugese snacks that I had recently - one was a crunchy and creamy salt cod fritter from a bakery in mississauga, and the other was a small jar of tuna pate that my friend brought from portugal. The label on the tuna pate reads "La Piara - pate de atun con pimientos del piquillo."

I'm looking for these treats a bit closer to home - any ideas on where I can find them in downtown toronto, someplace not too far from the subway line? I probably won't be able to find the exact same tuna pate brand, but anything close to it will do!

Cabbagetown - Where to eat

Did nobody mention sukhothai yet?

274 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

where to find Egyptian koshari in Toronto?

I've had it at a place called ABC in mississauga - its a slightly sketchy sheesha lounge off of eglinton and tomken. I wouldn't call their koshari great, but it might satisfy a craving. This toronto star article might point you in the right direction too:

Best Cheap Eats in Toronto?

King palace, pakistani cafeteria open til very late...12 bucks for a three-curry combo with biryani rice, salad, and drink. Go for the chicken curry, minced beef curry, and lentil curry.

King Palace
820 Church St, Toronto, ON M4W2M9, CA

Is there place in GTA that sells Mandi, Yemeni food

You're a couple of years too late for mandi in downtown toronto m.a.r. - there used to be a yemeni-somali place at church/dundas that served mandi, but the owner shut it down and moved back to saudi.

Rumour has it that there's a place in mississauga that has it on the menu, but you'd have to special order the whole lamb. Are you looking for places that have it ready to serve or would you be interested in pre-ordering the entire lamb? If I can get their info, I'll post it here.

Toronto has a serious shortage of yemeni food (see this thread: - unfortunately, yemeni chefs seem to bypass this city in favour of detroit, sheffield, and jeddah.

If you're craving a taste of home, the closest thing would probably be the somali restaurant hamdi on carlton street. It isn't the greatest though, so I think your best bet is to try making it at home - its not that hard, and theres ways to replicate that smokey flavour even in a regular oven.

I'd be curious to see if any fellow CHers have come across this dish in toronto, that would be an excellent chowfind!

Hamdi Restaurant
193 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5A2K7, CA

Ahmad cardamon Tea

Im a huge fan of making black tea boiled with fresh ground cardamom at home. I havent been able to find any place in toronto that serves a similar cardamom black tea (with spice freshly ground, not from the bag).

Davids tea has a blend with cardamom in it, but im looking for something close to the kind of sweet east african/middle eastern tea with fresh ground cardamom in it thats actually slowly simmered, not just thrown in hot water.

This might be a tall order, but i figured if any one knows of a place, itll be fellow fans of cardamom tea!

Looking for an Arabic restaurant-club, Mississauga

Vinnie, it might be Zanobia you're looking for. I went this summer and had some decent appetizers out on the patio. It's very nice in the summertime, but I wouldn't vouch for the consistency of the food - its a bit up and down.

yep, another visitor with queries...

#3 im seeing there haven't been any replies to this one so far, and that's probably because its pretty hard to find good west indian food in the downtown core but if ure really craving doubles, stop by Patty King in kensington market. Try the patty with the shrimp and coconut-ey curry sauce too, its pretty good.

For other recs, check out this thread as well:

Enjoy your trip!

Bay and Gerrard Lunch

Try Matagali on Elm (west of Bay) for good curries - I'm a fan of their goan shrimp and chicken vindaloo lunch deals.

Also, Kabob Grill at the corner of Bay/Gerrard is great if you skip the shawarma and go for the pizza - get the beef sausage pizza, it's fantastic. By the way, how far are you willing to walk?

Matagali Restaurant
69 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G1H2, CA