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Violet Crumbles

There's a rocket fizz in Old Towne Pasadena too - on Green next door to the old Twin Palms location.

Twin Palms
101 W Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91105

The Luggage Room

I really like their house chopped salad - the dressing is deliciously vibrant and the chopped salami & green olives are right up my alley.

Looking for retro sweets near Pasadena area

Yup, Rocket Fizz would fit the bill!

Fun Palm Springs Chef for Hire?

Hi JDobies - I have the same question. Did you end up finding a chef for hire in Palm Springs?

Dec 08, 2010
salziger hund in California

Oinkster review

I tried the reuben on my last visit to Oinkster. It is indeed overstuffed like the pastrami sandwich, so if you liked that, you might like the reuben. While I liked the flavor and consistency of the pastrami, there was simply to much of it for my taste. I could barely get a bite that had a good ratio of bread:thousand island:sauerkraut:pastrami without using a fork to construct one.

I think I may prefer my reubens with corned beef. Is that blasphemous? I quite like Lucky Baldwin's version which has corned beef, melted swiss, saurkraut and deli mustard. It's very thin and allows for good ratio per bite.

Oinkster review

I love their fries & aioli too. My dining companion found them too crispy and despises garlic. Too each her own, I suppose!

Soft Opening for NY Deli in Old Town Pasadena

I was wondering if this would ever open, feels like it's been in the works for a few months now. According to their website (with a highly annoying mouse trail), they have another location in Torrance.

We'll see!