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Does anyone else but me prefer, or even insist on, light roast coffee?

My first really good cup of coffee was a dark roast at Starbucks when they first came to Chicago (eons ago).

I have moved toward lighter roasts. Starbucks originals now taste bitter. Since I have easy access to Inteligencia - where they are very conscious of matching the roast to the beans (really good beans) - I routinely opt for a non-dark roasted coffee.

Mar 16, 2013
wsgarvey in General Topics

Best Supermarket In USA: your nominations

When in Seattle, it's the Metropolitan Market in West Seattle -- my all time favorite.

In Chicago, Whole Foods and a reliable pick whereever I am.

In Michigan City (my real home), its Al's, a regional chain ... Meijers is a distant second.

Nov 11, 2011
wsgarvey in General Topics

Spice strategy?

I am on Spice System 3.0.

All used the same organizing scheme: Chili (powders, flakes,etc) first then everything in alphabetic order: Allspice to Za'atar. Mexican Oregano and Greek Oregano were stored as "O" spices. Black, white, green, red pepper was under "P", though in time, the black and white pepper were religated to bulk storage.

Scheme one was all spices in Penzey or Spice House bottles and then in a drawer. Problem: these bottles, while simple and fuctional, had lids with a larger diameter than the bottle resulting in a less than great fit in the drawer. Also, most spices don't need that big a bottle. Not enough room.

Scheme Two (shown) was the coolest by far. The spices became a visual feature of our loft. The racks and spice bottles were purchased separately at World Market. A label was printed and put on the cap of each spice, orignally intended to face out. We faced them in instead to fully show the color of an 80 spice collection. Problerm: though these were well removed from direct sun, you could see the distinct color fade of certain spices over time.

Scheme Three. All spices stay in the plastic packages they were purchsed in and then filed in a plastic tub. Seems to be working OK and kinder on spices than scheme two, but if we still lived in downtown Chicago, I'm certain we'd stick with scheme two.

Sep 29, 2011
wsgarvey in Cookware

"My Chow" and Profile "Favorites" do not equate!

After saving several recipes to "My Chow", I spent forever trying to find a link back to "My Chow" saved recipes - not to be found.

When logged in, there should be another menu item added to the yellow bar saying "ยป My Chow"

Nov 17, 2010
wsgarvey in Site Talk