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Need help deciding (Italian in Baltimore)

Thank you all for your responses re: authentic Italian. I was leaning towards La Scala but due to renovations they will be closed the weekend I'm going. So, the decision is between La Tavola, Boccaccio and Sabatino's....I can't decide! HELP! (Price not really an issue, would like a decent atmosphere, good wine list, GOOD GRAVY!)

Authentic Italian needed (Baltimore)!

Well, La Scala will be closed the weekend I'm going so the choices are: La Tavola, Boccaccio, or Sabatinos..... I can't decide!! HELP!

Authentic Italian needed (Baltimore)!

I'm trying to decide between Boccaccio, La Tavola and La Scala....any input?? Not picky as far as region goes...just don't want canned sauce/gravy and overcooked pasta!

Authentic Italian needed (Baltimore)!

I am going to Baltimore with 3 pure blooded Italians and need REAL GOOD ITALIAN DINNER! We'll be staying at the Tremont on St. Paul. Any recommendations for authentic (not touristy) Italian? Little Italy or otherwise?