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Coca-Cola Freestyle

I am obssesed with this machine, anybody know of any in Montreal ??? Their website does not list any.

Sugar Cane / Mexican Coke: where to buy?

$3 a bottle, quite expensive imo for the same stuff found at couche-tard !!!!

Sugar Cane / Mexican Coke: where to buy?

Just got back from El Rey Del Taco, and to my surprise it contains HFCS, and it is the genuine "Mexican" coke with the MX stamp on the bottle .. What a disappointment !!! Where can I get the "real stuff" in Montreal ????

Portuguese custard tarts

I have not tried this place yet but I think you are referring to ...

Boulangerie Pâtisserie S Miguel
4385, boul Saint-Martin O, Laval, QC H7T 1C5
(450) 978-9667 ‎

Five Guys Burgers - Coming to Montreal !

I just devoured one and it was everything and more than expected ... really good meat and fresh toppings. the fries are homemade cut on premise and taste fantastic. Overall Five Guys was excellent and it may just become my new favorite burger joint which is currently held by DicAnns :)

New Years eve in Quebec City

Thanks for the info, Largo just posted the menu ...

New Years eve in Quebec City

I just came across this link that may be of interest for others ...

New Years eve in Quebec City

My wife and I are going to Quebec City for New Years eve, and we are looking for some sort of dinner/dancing/drinking/countdown sort of place ... any ideas ???



After seeing this article ... ... I decided to try O'Burger, what a big mistake !!! Granted they claim to be Angus but they were still they old freezer type, probably even the same as you find at Harvey's. The bun was cold and the cheese gets slapped on with your condiments which means it does not even have a chance to melt. I must say though the Onion Rings were ok.

How can one claim that this place is the best hamburger in the West Island ??? There must be better out there ??? If not it is a sad sad day for the West :)

corned beef hash montreal

The only place I remember seeing corned beef hash is at Tiffany's, they are a breakfast place on Decarie near Pare


I second Daou, IMO simply the best in the city !!! For take-out, I get my quick fix from Adonis

Tim Tams at Montreal Loblaws?

I just picked up a box of Originals at the IGA on Dagenais in Fabreville @ $3.99

where to buy knives in Montreal

I recently purchased knives from Ares Kitchen Supplies, they seemed to have a large selection, they have locations in DDO,Laval, South Shore.

I also know of Monas, on Park Av. but I have never been there


Pancakes anyone ??? I was just watching Unwrapped on FoodTv, they were profiling "The Original Pancake House" out of Portland, looks amazing !!! Where can one get something good in Montreal ??? Thanks

Bills Weekend .. Good Chow ???

Not sure, I was looking for a hot spot, somesort of "Buffalo Landmark" that I can not miss. Thanks

Bills Weekend .. Good Chow ???

Hey all, I will be in Buffalo this weekend with 3 buddies to enjoy the Bills homeopener, where would you recommend we go and eat say Saturday ?? Nothing to fancy, what would be a to die for place that we should not miss ?? Thanks

Looking for Cinnamon Rolls

I have tried the Bannana-Choclate brioche, it was very very good !! But I guess the day I went I did not see the Apple-cinnamon .. I will have to go back another time. I think the icing is what defines the cinnamon roll, but I can go without it :)

Looking for Cinnamon Rolls

Never though of them, thanks for the suggestion. What about something in the style of Saint-Cinnamon ???

Looking for Cinnamon Rolls


Restaurant La Campagnola

I have been there many times, and the food is good, imo not great. I much prefer Bocci's which is three doors over. FYI, both these place are BYOB.


Looking for Cinnamon Rolls

Hi all, where in montreal would you say is the best Cinnamon Rolls ??