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Chick-fil-A Is Conservative? So Are a Lot of Other Restaurants

I agree that it is a waste of time to go out there protesting their stores and screaming into the wind. However, when a company uses their position to promote intolerance, I can simply choose to not spend my money there but go elsewhere. It's just chicken. As far as other conservative, intolerant companies, I have no problem with their right to hold their own view, it is how they choose to impose their views on others that pushes me to vote with my wallet.

Jul 27, 2012
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Fat, Sick & Really Into Juice

All juicers are not alike. Ms. Ansel is correct regarding juicers that remove most of the pulp or most of the juices you buy in a bottle that have the fiber removed. However, if you use a Vitamix or similar "blender-style" everything that goes in the container, including all the fiber, goes in the glass. Whole fruit, whole veggies, conveniently pulverized for you to suck down. I could never eat as many veggies as I can drink! The variety is endless - somedays more fruit and no kale, some days more green. When CSA starts - every week will be a treat! What restrictions? Sensible dinner.

Feb 17, 2012
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Valentine's Day Recipe All-Stars

I need a new husband... these all look and sound amazing, I'm capable of cooking them all, hubby wouldn't like any of them.

Feb 11, 2011
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Ghirardelli vs cheaper cocoa powder

Ghirardelli isn't that much better than Hershey's - just more expensive. Callebaut. That's the only powder I have found that is substantially above the rest. We've tried several single origins, several fancy brands, and none compare.
And YES - there is a huge difference between dutched and natural. They have a different PH balance and can affect the rise of your baked goods where baking soda/powder are used if you are using a large quantity of cocoa and you may want to adjust. As far as using COLOR as a judge of quality - keep in mind that dutch and natural will have very different colors to start with.
I haven't used natural in many years. The cocoa flavor just doesn't come through the bitterness.

Dec 26, 2010
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What to Cook When Your Allergic to Just About Everything

Am I reading this right? He's allergic to all this stuff and you are denying him fruit and milk because of the natural sugar calories??? WHY are you eating meat then?? You are neglecting your nutritional needs by eliminating fruit but you'll eat saturated fat... this makes no rational sense - I MUST be misreading this. Remember fruit? HIGH in fiber, vitamins, minerals, LOW in calories. Fruit JUICE is high in sugar without the fiber - lets not get them confused. When anyone is having food issues, generally, any good nutritionist tells them to start by eating fruits and veggies, then add in with protein they can tolerate, grains they can, legumes they can, meats they can, seafood they can. One at a time if you can do the elimination/challenge the right way.
But folks. Please don't stop eating that 60 calorie apple or 40 calorie orange - they have a lot of stuff you need that you won't get elsewhere! Quite the food bargain by any standard.
For those of you who knew this - sorry for this rant... pet peeve...

Dec 12, 2010
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