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Kosher Club Los Angeles?

Dec 13, 2011
LAKosher in Kosher

Pareve Chocolate Babka (not chocolate challah)

Hey @empireState here is a great recipe for Parve Chocolate babka

Dec 13, 2011
LAKosher in Kosher

Kosher in South Florida?

I will be traveling to South Florida (Boca, Palm Beach, Miami) next month and need recommendations for Shabbat take out and places to eat on Sunday and Monday in Boca and Miami/N Miami Beach. I need to impress people who don't keep kosher. Last time I was there with these friends we ended up at a bad pizza place with rude out of towners and the food took forever where the food took forever to get to us and a gross chinese place that may have made us sick.

Please let me know any recommendations!!! I will have a car and am willing to drive for a good meal, especially nice lunch and dinner places. Shabbat takeout is easier but please recommend as well.