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Molasses Crinkle Cookies

I LOVE these. My family loves these. The dough is great to work with, the cookies are rich and dense and delicious and pretty (just don't burn the cookies!), and the dough balls freeze well for future quickie-cookie-fixes. Fantastic. I replaced the ginger and cloves with cinnamon, and I can't remember if I used margarine or olive oil...either way, they turned out great. I only have one cookie sheet, so I did one sheet at a time on the middle rack (no rotation) and cook them between 6-8 minutes.

Dec 23, 2011
meglav in Recipes

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

I'm still chilling the dough, but I wanted to share some tweaks to the recipe... I only had sweetened baking chocolate, so I replaced the 2 cups of granulated sugar with 1 cup of brown sugar (it seemed viable at the time :) ) I also used 1 cup all purpose flour and 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour... I'll be taking thegvnr's advice on the heavy dose of powdered sugar for a more dramatic effect.

Ah, and maybe it's just me, but I think the original recipe doesn't actually state when to put the sugar into the chocolate-oil mixture... I figured it out, but I thought I might say something.

If my man brings home some peanut butter from the store, I'll do a batch per interplanetjanet's suggestion :)

Thanks for the great recipe and comments!

Dec 15, 2011
meglav in Recipes

Inviting Vegetarians to Eat Corpse

Honestly, I think that FEST had it right the first time. She sounds like a lovely hostess and considerate friend. I'm a vegetarian living in Portugal-- which would faze even "the most hardened carnivore" from the US... The head, tongue, livers, and all those other icky bits are regularly relished by friends and family here. I don't eat foods that touched these bits, and I'm happily (and sincerely) ovo-lacto vegetarian. I don't have a problem with people around me eating meat. I respect them as I would have them respect me, and we have a happy equilibrium. I've seen enough suckling pigs on the table to last me a lifetime, but I also enjoyed my wedding dinner (with my old-school carnivore Portuguese family and friends...and new husband) at an entirely vegetarian gourmet restaurant (not even fish could sneak in and contaminate the place! it was heaven!), and they enjoyed themselves.

Vegetarians are diverse in temperament and personality-- like everyone else. Giving the gesture and good-will of an invitation to the party, combined with the understanding of the "or a celebratory drink or meal some other time" clause is appropriate, respectful, and real. Well-done, FEST...and happy birthday! :)

Oct 30, 2010
meglav in Features