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Review - The Park in Quarry Park

Dropped by for dinner with husband. Restaurant has been closed on 2 occasions (one fire, one flood) and has recently reopened. We were not impressed the last couple of times we were there, but thought we'd give it one last chance.

Visited The Park on a Thursday night. When we walked into the lobby, the first thing we saw was a dirty rag and spray bottle on the hostess counter. Not a great first impression.

Asked for a seat in the lounge and was escorted to a small booth, and drink orders (iced tea and glass of Pinio Grigio)were taken promptly. Server was very attentive and answered any questions we had.

Thursday is wing night, so we asked if wings were breaded. Server did not know, but asked and came back. She advised that wings are very lightly breaded (and we could not get them "naked" We ordered one order of salt and pepper wings, a pizza and sandwich with French onion soup.

When wings came, they were VERY breaded, covered in a thick coating, but HUGE. One bite of braded coating, and we realized the reason they were so large, is that they must have came form a very old chicken. Along with being heavily coated, they were very tough and flavorless (remind me of they very large but cheap stewing hens)Assuming that they were a frozen type wing, which is why we could not get them without breading

We did not finish the wings.

The remainder of the good came, pizza, soup and sandwich looked good (dough is made in house). Soup was cheesy and sandwich was good, pizza had a biscuit type crust (reminded me of the chef boyaredee boxes we had in the 70's), that was very dry, crumbly, and flavourless.

Husband ate approx. 1/3 of pizza. I finished most of sandwich and soup. Not the worst meal we have ever had, however, will not return. Server took 20% off of our bill as we did not like the pizza or wings.

Will go to Original Joe's (across the parking lot) for wings next time

Aug 25, 2015
petemare in Prairie Provinces

Casual Dining in Carlesbad

Husband and I staying at La Costa, Feb 7-15. Interested in fresh seafood, burgers, Italian, Happy hours and pub food. Midrange prices (under $30.00 entrees) and casual enough that we can go straight from golf.

Jan 25, 2015
petemare in San Diego

Shichimi, Togarashi, Japanese 7 spice

Is this all the same thing? and where can I find in Calgary. My hunt of Asian markets has been fruitless.

Mar 07, 2014
petemare in Prairie Provinces

Involtini in Calgary - anyone tried it yet?

We ate there tonight. Started with complimentary bread w/olive oil & balsamic. arguably the best bread I've ever had, then shared Caesar salad, which was crispy, garlicy and yummy. next to Calamari with tzatziki, which was light tender and crispy. House red (can't recall the grape) was better than passable. sadly husbands gnocchi was underdone and not el dente. my surf and turf , beef with provolone, crab and lobster was incredible. low key crowd, casual atmosphere. I think most expensive entrée was $30.00. would go there again but bypass the gnocci

Jan 24, 2014
petemare in Prairie Provinces

San Clemente, Dana point, breakfast, seafood, burgers, Italian, steaks?

We are staying at Riviera Shores resort Feb 9-16, 2014, visiting from Calgary, and are interested in seafood and more. Ideally something that we can walk to along the beach, and that we can wear golf or beach attire.

Jan 19, 2014
petemare in Los Angeles Area

seafood/burgers/steak/italian near Capistrano Beach

2 adults visiting from Calgary Feb 9-16. We are looking for seafood, steaks, Italian, burgers, & breakfast. We really would like a restaurant we can walk to on the beach (staying at Riviera Shores Resort), if possible. We don't mind "hole in the wall" as long as food is good, clean and service is decent. Not interested in anywhere that we cannot come directly from the course, wearing golf clothing. Our first trip to San Clemente/Dana Point area.

Jan 18, 2014
petemare in Los Angeles Area

restaurants near Shea and Tatum

We'll be staying for two weeks over Christmas, looking for good restaurants near Shea and Tatum, everything from breakfast, pubs, Italian, steaks, burgers, Mexican and Steaks. Recommendations for what to try and what to avoid?

Nov 09, 2013
petemare in Phoenix

take out Christmas dinner in Paradise Valley

We will be in paradise valley for Christmas and are looking for an easy Christmas dinner for 6. The condo has basic cooking facilities but not enough to do the full meal on our own. Any ideas?

Dec 06, 2012
petemare in Phoenix

Fun Places, good seafood, Victoria

Hi there, We will be staying at Bear Mountain April 4-8. Were from the prairies and are looking for good seafood, fun spots for a couple to go. We don't mind a bit of a drive.

Any recommendations?

Tasting menus in Calgary

Cactus Club. We bought it at a silent auction so not sure on the price. There were about 4 starters, 3mains and 4 desserts along with various signature cocktails and wine pairings. They were great about tailoring menu for my lactose intolerant friend. The only thing I would not have again is the beef carpaccio, but thats a personal preference. My dining companions loved it.

Jan 22, 2012
petemare in Prairie Provinces

SAIT-Bakery items

I recall that SAIT's culinary school had a market where you coul dpurchase baked goods to take home. I've checked out the SAIT website and can't find anything about this. Does anyone know?

Jan 04, 2012
petemare in Prairie Provinces

SAIT-Bakery items

I recall that SAIT's culinary school had a market where you coul dpurchase baked goods to take home. I've checked out the SAIT website and can't find anything about this. Does anyone know?

Jan 04, 2012
petemare in Prairie Provinces

How is Razz's?

I've read some good reviews about Razz's elsewhere, but have never seen anything on Phoenix Chowhound. The menu looks good, and it seems like a good value. Can anyone comment?

Dec 10, 2011
petemare in Phoenix

where can I buy Ghiradelli Chocolate chips in Calgary?

I've seen the squares, but can't find chocolate chips

Apr 24, 2011
petemare in Prairie Provinces

birthday restaurant south calgary

Siraia is absolutley outstanding. Only open thur-sunday in the winter...sunday brunch is excellent too

Mar 02, 2011
petemare in Prairie Provinces

5 Guys Burgers in Calgary?

5 Guys opened November 2010, in Deerfoot Meadows by Ikea, AWESOME!

Dec 06, 2010
petemare in Prairie Provinces

Brunch in Scottsdale/East Phoenix?

I don't like Orange table at all. Service was non existant the last time I was there, and it's overpriced. My husband was almost finished his meal before I even got mine. The bradkfast club is way better, food and service

Nov 21, 2010
petemare in Phoenix

Casual and slightly upscale in Paradise Valley

We andanother couple are spending two weeks in Paradise Valley over Christmas this year. We're familiar with Scottsdale and the chain restaurants at Paradise Valley mall, but would like a recommendation for great burgers, steaks and dlivery pizza. If we can, would like to stay avoid the chains and try something new. Any suggestions

Nov 21, 2010
petemare in Phoenix