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Betty Spaghetti - Comfort Food for the People in Guerneville

Hi Joy
So sorry you had that experience. I had that pot roast and it was super moist and tender and amazing. Who knows? Maybe they are not consistent yet. I DO like Boon as well! Curious about Cape Fear, thanks!

Seville Tapas - A little bit of Spain in Princeton-By-The-Sea, Half Moon Bay, CA -

Seville Tapas, opened in the Spring of 2014, is a unique and welcome dining option nestled into the Princeton-By-The-Sea neighborhood of Half Moon Bay. The restaurant’s tagline is “Gourmet to Go” so they are definitely catering to a tourist crowd who may want to grab some great food and picnic, as well as the locals who are looking for some tasty made-to-order lunch or dinner options. The interior space of the restaurant has only a few tables but the front deck has many more and is a lovely setting to enjoy their food and drink options. I have been to Spain and understand Tapas, but for those who have never had them, I think this restaurant has a bit of a challenge in educating their customer base, if for no other reason; their menu offerings are plentiful! They offer over 30 Tapas, over 40 “Pepitos” or mini sandwiches, a few platters, soups, and salads, as well as a fun Kids Menu!

Once I got past being pleasantly overwhelmed by all of their offerings, my friend and I settled on a bowl of the Lobster Bisque, a plate of the day’s special which were beef empanadas, a Spanish Serrano ham with Manchego cheese and extra virgin olive oil Pepito and a smoked salmon with capers and Spanish (red) onion and olive oil Pepito, as well as a carafe of their Sangria.

I encourage you to try Seville Tapas and am confident you will find something that you and/or your kids will enjoy and it’s a great place to expand your culinary boundaries!

Betty Spaghetti - Comfort Food for the People in Guerneville

Coming home at the end of day from a beautiful weekend at Sea Ranch, we were heading East on Highway 116 with stomachs growling so started to check on eating options that were available to us in the funky town of Guerneville on a Monday night. We had many great meals at Boon Eat + Drink and they were opened but then we discovered a new place that just opened on July 1st called Betty Spaghetti. First of all, how could we not eat at a place with a name like this, not to mention their tagline, “Comfort Food for the People,” but taking note of the many great reviews, we definitely wanted to give it a try. The restaurant is located in the lobby of the R3 Hotel, which is a converted motel catering to Guerneville’s vacationing (and partying) Gay clientele.

The menu is really quite excellent with a variety of contemporary and Italian comfort foods such as Tempura Battered Green Beans with Buttermilk Ranch, Heirloom tomatoes with gorgonzola, radicchio, virgin oil and sea salt, Betty’s Spaghetti with Meatballs, a selection of pizzas, Orecchiette with spicy house made fennel pork sausage, kale, onions & goat cheese, and Hand Cut local grass fed rib-eye steak served with fingerling potatoes, fresh creamed corn & horseradish cream. They also have a decent wine list with bottles and wines by the glass as well as cocktails including a Negroni!

small romantic restaurants in outskirts of SF?

hey there
any suggestions for a small, not overly priced, good value in:
San Bruno
Outer Richmond
Outer Mission